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Oct 2, 2007 02:02 PM

San Diego German Bread/Pretzels (Laugen Brot)

After my most recent trip to Germany, the one thing I truly missed upon returning was the laugen brot and bretzeln (rolls/pretzels). I searched for somewhere in San Diego that made them, but couldn't find any. In my search, I also found a lot of other people who wished they could find them too--one thread was on Chowhound.

After searching in vain, I decided to make them myself. My parents are German, and I have an uncle in Germany who is a baker, so I found out the authentic recipe. When I made them, they turned out great. My friends loved them. I'd like to market them, either to restaurants, direct to consumer or both. However, it'll take a big investment. So before that I thought I'd ask my fellow food connossieurs your thoughts.

A) Have you found any place in San Diego that serves AUTHENTIC laugen brot/bretzeln? You can see what they look like on this site

B) Would you be interested in a restaurant, store or bakery that served them?

Thanks everyone. You're the best!

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  1. A) No. I am just curious which Lauge are you using (NaOH, KOH ?)

    B) Depends on the price and variety. I would be more interested in really good Broetchen, especially having the same large variety as in germany, Kuerbiskern, VierKorn etc.

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    1. re: honkman

      Yes, I'm using NaOH--that was the missing ingredient when I'd tried others who claimed to be authentic. Although it freaks people out a bit when I tell them what it is!

      I'm planning on looking into the other breads as well. My dad is pretty good at making some of the other authentic German breads.

      Thanks for your input.

      1. re: Bretzel Girl

        Where do you get your NaOH which is certified for use as food additive in San Diego ?

        1. re: honkman

          That's the beautiful thing about the internet--you can find just about anything! Although now I might be on some CIA/FBI list for ordering such products via mail order!

          1. re: Bretzel Girl

            I was hoping you would get some of your stuff in SD. As a chemists I am always very interested in the chemistry behind cooking and was think about to start playing around with sodium alginate etc.. You can get the ingredients of course online (e.g., etc.) but I always prefer to go to a shop and have a chance to discuss with other interested people.

    2. I've seen pretzels like that at Seisel's in Bay Park. They're made by a local woman, and are very good.

      1. They had them at the El Cajon Oktoberfest last weekend, but you'd have to ask them where they were from. They're celebrating again this weekend, so you could try emailing a contact from their site if you can't attend.