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Oct 2, 2007 01:38 PM

Laurel Maryland...Ribs

I will be in Laurel for a hockey tmt. this weekend. Can I get a recommendation for a great rib place? What about Italian or Pub?

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  1. For Italian, there is Pasta Plus. Do a search here, I am sure you will find lots of recommendations and reviews for the place.

    1. Pretty good rib place in Laurel is Red, Hot, & Blue

      1. anybody know anything about that window-service bbq shack at the northern split of rt 1 just above laurel?

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        1. re: chowsearch

          Are you thinking of the one on the southbound side, with some generic name like BBQ House?

          I've been there a couple of times. It's not terrible, but it's nothing to write home about.

          Man, I miss Smokey Hollow.

          1. re: alopez

            Think that's it. There was the guy in the truck on rt 1 in Beltsville near Ritz if he's still there and one off rt 1 below I think rt 100 that I never found after I heard about it. Any info on these?

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              There is a truck guy off Rte 1 on Patuxent Range Road (industrial park on the left if your headed south, which makes it east side then, I think) between Rte 175 and Rte 32..not sure off the name....

        2. Will you have a car? I'd recommend driving a bit off of rt 50 and finding a place called Adam's Ribs in Edgewater. I've never had better in MD.

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            C'mon........that's nowhere NEAR Laurel. The original poster is from out of the area.....not fair to reccomend a place so far away!