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Oct 2, 2007 01:29 PM

Ok, my mother in law is coming this weekend

She is coming and she doesn't want to go out for dinner as I suggested. =(
The lady is always on a very strict diet plus she only eats Kosher. She only ate three plates of salad on the night of Yom Kippur while everyone else was feasting on bagels with lox, California rolls, brownies and apple pies. O_O

For this weekend, I am doing her favorite; grilled whole fish with no salt. (yuk) This lady bakes her own Challah bread with no salt.
now, I need some side dishes other than salad that are both healthy and Kosher.
HELP!!! I've no idea what else to make.

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  1. Hmm, maybe sauteed chard, with olive oil and garlic? Or roasted sweet poatoes?

    1. here's what to make yourself: the biggest Grey Goose Martini that you can, and then another, and another. Then order some takeout. And another martini, naturally.
      I feel your pain!

      1. MsChow has the plan...

        Your entree is light, so I'd serve a rice dish of your choice. I make a "salad" that is light and different that most really like. Find very firm mushrooms. I like the sm dark ones. Slice them very thinly and toss with vinegar and oil. Serve on a lettuce leaf with very sharp Cheddar cheese slices, sprinkle with fresh, julienned basil.