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Oct 2, 2007 01:14 PM

Visiting Seattle - staying at 6th and Union

What's good for dinner tomorrow night? Any type of cuisine, not too expensive, romantic and/or fun!

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  1. Head on on up the hill to Tango at the corner of Boren and Pike. Don't know if this will fit your budget: you can check it out here:

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    1. re: PAO

      that looks fantastic! any other suggestions?

      we're looking for a great breakfast place too. thanks!

      1. re: highlyunlikely

        For a quick breakfast, Lowell's in Pike's Market is a good option. If you want breakfast with an atmostphere, The Fairmont Olympic's Georgian Room is the best in the city.

      2. re: PAO

        I second the Tango suggestion. I absolutely love their food and their portions are sized just right. They have a grilled lamb dish that is just superb and their mushrooms and jamon is a real treat. Also, make sure to get yourself an ounce or two of mahon won't be sorry!

        1. re: mariannas

          Definitely agree with the mushrooms and jamon (haven't had the grilled lamb). I took some friends to Tango and they said it was the best mushroon dish they had ever had. And the "El Diablo" dessert is fabulous--a large cube of dark chocolate mousse dusted with hot chile powder sitting on a bed of meringue dabbed with caramel sauce and dotted with cocoa nibs Definitely for two to share.

      3. Keep heading up the hill and go to 611 Supreme for crepes. Totally affordable and in my opinion, fun AND romantic.

        1. thanks for all the suggestions. is there a fun bar in that area --- or a good street to stroll down?

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            Vessel, on 5th Avenue between Union and University, serves some of the best cocktails in the city. I don't know if I would call it "fun". ymmv

          2. another place with inexpensive options is the happy hour (in the bar area only) at Barolo (Virginia and 6th/7th). go early to get seats.