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Oct 2, 2007 01:12 PM

attention jackson heights folk/will there be a JH STARBUCKS??

does anyone know if a JH Starbucks will be happening as reported on CHOW back in August i think?? a JH friend of mine says the proposed/assumed site is still empty and dark with no sign of construction. he has been skeptical that STAR or any franchisee would want to open in a multi ethnic nabe like JH. JIM LEFF: do you have any insights?? does anyone have a phone number for Starbucks corporate??

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  1. According to a Realtor (and others), construction has stopped until Starbuck's and the Jackson Heights Beautification Committee can resolve some issues. This Realtor feels strongly that the issues can be resolved. Why not contact the JH's Beautification Committee and report back (718 565 5344) or

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      I just called that number, and left a message on the voice mail.

    2. The incoming JH Starbucks has been mentioned in articles in both Time Out and the NY Times in the past 2 weeks. Check the Sept 20 and Sept 29 posts for details. What do you mean by "any franchisee" - are you speaking in general about franchises? There is already a Dunkin Donuts, Yoguberry, Subway sandwiches and Taco Bell within a few blocks. I'm not sure if these are 'franchises' or just chains. It appears to me that the people in this neighborhood eat out often and have disposable incomes.

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        Starbucks is not a franchise. All stores are owned by SB corporate.

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        1. "I will not patronize any of the inferior, local shops."

          That's a bit harsh of an assessment for local shops. Funny thing is I feel the same way about Manhattan/Brooklyn shops 'I will not patronize their inferior and OVERPRICED shops'. I live in Woodside, close enough to JH. I love love the variety and quality of products I can get in local shops without paying the real estate and shiny package premiums. It's ridiculous say to pay $10 for Goji berries, that I can get for a buck or two in Pacific I love that we still have real butchers in queens and store owners recognize you.

          Maybe if you start patronizing your local shops, you'll discover the products you lug from Manhattan and if you shop there often enough they will cater to YOU. All you have to do is ask the owners/managers for certain products and shop there often enough to sustain the shelf space for the things you requested.

          You wrote below that you eat health foods - not only you have a couple of Asian grocers in JH, you are so close to Elmhurst.

          I really hope you re-consider your words and start exploring your local shops, as you're in for a long ride for the real estate to pick up - Queens is just not "It", just look at all the empty condominiums along East River in LIC. Last time there was another bubble (dot-com) we almost got a BN in Woodside, but the company scrapped the idea, and instead we got a Duane Reade (it's not that folks in queens don't read, we just don't buy higher-margin tchochkes that BN sells, also Queens Library network is one of the best in the Nation) .

          To the surgical/medical supply store comment above: two years ago, I had a bad lung infection that i my Doc put me through five different antibiotics and finally prescribed me a shot - I went to all Duane Reades and Rite Aids and then thru a couple of smaller pharmacies and found my prescription at one small neighborhood one - I was so glad to have them in the neighborhood. Sadly, many are closing down as the Medicare is tightening their reimbursements.

        2. The original comment has been removed