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Oct 2, 2007 12:57 PM

Where to buy Sushi-making stuff in Dallas/Plano Texas

I made the 'mistake' of showing some friends how to make their own sushi at home, and now the word has gotten out and I've been requested to do it again, bigger, badder, and un cut (well, maybe not uncut.....)

So now I need to find the special tools of the trade. And probably some of the less common fish. I've got the basics covered with nori, rice, vinegar, wasabi, and some of the other non-perishables at Asia World Market in Plano. But they didn't have any decent bamboo mats, and I'm going to need at least 3.

And I really haven't trusted much of the fish except Tuna from anywhere other than Central Market or Whole Foods.

Any suggestions?

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  1. Seabose in Carrollton has excellent sushi grade fish. See thread:

    1. Central has frozen Tuna & Salmon that is Sashimi grade, you can of course also purchase fish at Seabose. I don't recomend getting anything expensive however for doing a demo. I do demos frequently for large groups and have found that the best thing to do is the good old California with cheap Krab from Sams. You can buy the "crab" with a K for about $5 for 2.5 lb.

      The chinese market at Coit & Park normally has plenty of mats, I purchased about 25 there for my last class.

      Another good option is to use smoked salmon again from Sams. It really depends on how many people you are having over, but generally it's kind of dangerous to use fresh fish since it will likely not be cooled for periods of time.

      1. The Hong Kong Market in Garland is a HUGE asian supermarket. They have multiple kinds of seaweed sheets, and live fish that they will butcher and cut for you any way you like (but honestly not sure how reliable it is with the fish). They should also have bamboo mats.

        1. You could check out Shop Minoya Plus in Plano for the mats. It's located at the northwest corner of Parker and Independence.

          1. Shop Minoya at the northwest corner of Independence/Parker. They have the mats. I find their prices of Japanese items better than at Chinese stores. Shop Minoya and Seabose are the only Japanese stores in Dallas as far as I know.