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please help me chose between Citrus or Ouest

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I'm trying to choose between two restaurant recommendations for the Upper West Side. They are Citrus or Ouest. We will be going on a Friday, mid October. Please advise which has better food, service etc. Both look good on paper.Thanks.

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  1. Ouest. Citrus is overpriced and mediocre.

    1. I've not been to Citrus (or heard of it) - but here's a brief recent review of mine of Ouest.


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        Ouest is a destination restaurant. Citrus is a hit-or-miss neighborhood place. Noi contest: Ouest.

      2. Both Citrus and it's sister restaurant Josie's are mediocre, at best. You're better off at Ouest.

        1. Ouest...without a doubt..

          1. A complete no-brainer. Ouest has amazing food with delicious flavors and a comfortable yet elegant setting. Citrus is, at best, is just generic.