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Oct 2, 2007 12:40 PM

Best Cold Cut Platter in Queens is Iavarone? Manor Deli? RagTime?

Am hosting an informal luncheon and am considering a deli platter. Wondering if there's a real difference between Iavarone Bros, Manor Deli, Rag Time making it worth it to choose one over another. They are all about the same cost wise, so I'm asking for your opinions on quantity, freshness, tastiness of salads, et cetera.

Anyone have opinions on the above?


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  1. I've never had a platter from Manor or Rag Time, but I have had a few from Iavarone. While I'm not crazy about most of their hot prepared foods, I find their meats, cheeses and cold salads to be very good. I love their regular macaroni salad (w/mayo). Their bread selection is pretty good too for a one-stop kind of place. Quantity has never been an issue, there's usually plenty (but I also suffer from over-order disorder). Definitely good for a catered type lunch. I think their catering menu is available online. We used them for the Super Bowl and everyone loved the food.

    1. Clarify to note that while I might be a MaspethMaven, the lunch is in Howard Beach.

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      1. Manor has excellent German Potato salad, and macaroni salad, and very good roast beef when rare. Iavarone in New Hyde Park blows away the Maspeth location for quality across the board. Rag Time is a very nice place, checked it out a couple times, --perhaps this would be best since it's in the area--less travel time is better for that sort of thing..