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Oct 2, 2007 12:28 PM

WineAccess online source for wine

I placed an order with yesterday. I am intereseted if anyone has had any experience with this company. I thought their prices were very far and they had free shipping on a split case of Cuvee Le Bec And Le Bec Blanc ($200 all inclusive).

Cheers !

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  1. Are you referring to "WineAccess Direct"? I get their mailings and they're often pretty interesting. Have only pulled the trigger once - on some 2005 Domaine La Barroche Chateauneuf du Pape which will get delivered sometime in the next month or so. Checking Wine-Searcher now and their pricing was about $5 higher than what I could get it for now (though not widely available at all) but did include free shipping.

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      I would assume it is the same ( I receive several emails per week but this is my first purchase. I'll follow up after the sale is complete. I like the idea of not paying tax as that is an additional savings of about 7%.

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        wineaccess is a site that is a conglomerate of different wine stores. For instance, Wine House in LA uses wineaccess as their internet portal, and so does Vino Divino in Newton, MA. They charge quite a bit for their services.

        I suspect the great offers they can come up with are close-out deals that they get from the stores within their "network" of affiliates. Possibly bin-ends, possibly distributor direct deals. I have some experience buying with stores who use the wineaccess software, but not with wineaccess directly. I do find their interface for the stores to be limited, so you can usually spot stores using the service (that, and the URL usually contains wineaccess -- just type in and you'll see what I mean).

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          Interesting - I recently noticed that the order I placed through WineAccess was processed through my local TotalWine (TotalWine website had the wine in my list of purchased items even though I never consciously bought it through them). And yes, I do recognize the common interface on a number of sites.

          However, I don't have the impression that many of the Wineaccess Direct offers are close-out deals. My purchase from them was a 2005 pre-release CDP, glowing reviews in Tanzer (which has some affiliation as well) and Parker, with good reviews for prior vintages as well.

          WineAccess website claims "Domestic wines are shipped directly from the winery's west coast warehouse, while imported wines are sourced and shipped by importers and network stores." I don't think they could claim to be getting domestics directly from the winery if these were just deals they get from their affiliated stores (though I assume even for domestics they still at some point need to move it through a distributor).

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            Wines bought from the Wine Access Direct program come straight from the wineries. Wines bought from the Wine Access (not the Direct program) can be sourced from 100 different stores.

    2. You can't believe what they say. Like a bottle of 2009 Lynch-Bages I (started) to purchase this $199. They said available at $295....from "Others". Actually at $135 USD in Europe. Only two merchants in USA...both at $170.

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        "Only two merchants in USA"

        I get 175 (7 pages, 25 links pp) with wine-searcher.

      2. I find there customer service to awful. For instance, I have been trying for several weeks to get my password reset which they tell me cannot be done with their website because the link is bad. I ask the to send me a reset link and that does not work either, it send me to "this page cannot be displayed". I complain to them that I still cannot get on and they say they will look into and get back to me. I ask for a manager or the ceo or someone in charge I'm told they may call me but I cannot ask for them or know their names, unless they decide to call me.

        It as shame they used to be good.