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looking for tropical drinks in LA

i just got back from my honeymoon at the four seasons in lanai, hawaii. not only did i come back with a tan and pictures, i came back with an addiction to tropical drinks. these tropical drinks were heavenly and i think about them every night. the bartenders there know exactly how much liquor to pour to give you that nice island buzz and use fresh juices instead of crappy canned stuff. where in LA can i find my tropical drink?

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  1. trader vics
    bar at the four seasons
    W pool bar
    El Cholo

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      trader vic's has been closed for many months.

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          Although I have not been yet, Trader Vics has reportedly reopened with a limited menu and drinks by the pool.

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            I've been, and Trader Vic's drinks are alive and well. You will find what you are looking for, there.

        2. http://www.tiki-ti.com/pages/home.html

          Closed Sun., Mon. and Tues. and they only take cash + no beer or wine.

          1. Westside - Trader Vic's
            Eastside - Tiki-Ti
            San Gabriel Valley - Bahooka
            Malibu or Huntington Beach - Duke's

            I believe there's a new joint that opened up in Long Beach area too


            1. The Mai Tai Bar in Long Beach. Also very popular hangout spot in Hawaii for young people.


              1. Damon's Steakhouse in Glendale would also be a good possibility for fairly strong, inexpensive mai-tais and chi-chis. I don't know how authentically Hawaiian anything there would be, but the atmosphere is definitely fun in a kitschy Gilligan's Island kind of way. The bar, I believe, also has a weekday happy hour with reduced prices on their signature drinks.

                1. I've spent plenty of time in Hawaii..guiding kayak tours, hikes, sunset cruises...became addicted to Mai Tai...and the cute little orchid we'd put in the drinks.
                  Anyway, this is gonna be random, but I LOVE the Mai Tais at CHI DYNASTY in Los Feliz on Hillhurst, just south of Los Feliz Blvd.
                  They are delicious and sneekey and good.
                  TIKI TI is amazingly fun if you can remember it the next morning...I highly suggest going to Tommy's, Pacific Dining Car, any other good greasy place after you've been there...the drink sare rot gut but fun..cut with greas before you go to be and you may feel better than if a truck ran you over.
                  Really, give the Mai Tais at Chi Dynasty a try.

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                    hey tatertotsrock, the chi dynasty suggestion is a great one.i used to live in los feliz so this will be a good excuse to return. in fact, we were saying if we were on the east coast this would be an easy find since most chinese restaurants in the suburbs have tropical drinks. i've been to tiki ti but those drink pretty much slam me to the pavement and frankly i don't remember much about them. the thing i hate about the tiki ti is that they still allow smoking in the bar. since i am on the east side i will definitely be going to chi dynasty and trying epicures suggestion at damons. i've walked past it going to porto's and always been curious.

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                      Chi Dynasty is moving, I think Oct. 18 down the street next to Ye Rustic Inn...same phone number but I'm not at all sure that they'll be able to take their full liquor license to the new location, I forgot to ask.
                      And for the poster several posts above, Trader Vic's is still open, sort of, next to the pool at the Beverly Hilton -- I think they still make the tropical drinks, but the decor is different of course.

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                        Aaaah, Portos.
                        Hello Trolly.
                        Mmm, a potato ball, a meat pie and then a Chi Chi at Damons.
                        Not a fan of the food, but I do remember the Chi Chi-s and Mai Thai-s were good..and if I'm my brain is not too pickeled from too many tropical drinks, they were served in cocunut thingies..but then that was in 1990, I was under age, and we used to do a food/booze crawl down Brand Blvd on Friday Nights...we'd start at JAX for Ribs and a drink, Damons for a Chi Chi or Mai Thai, then to Osteria Noni for more food and wine, then finish it off at Red Lion Tavern for boots of beer....wow, it's amazing how resiliant a young liver could be...I'd hit Portos for breakfast in the morning before the hangover could kick in.
                        I hope you like Chi Dynasty's Mai Thai.

                    2. Trader Vic's !! Mmmm !!

                      1. The Royal Hawaiian in Laguna Beach has ridiculously strong Lapu Lapus. Maybe try one of the Roy's restaurants. I've only been to the one on Maui, but I would assume they are adept at island cocktails. There's also the Tommy Bahama restaurant in Corona Del Mar.

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                            Heh, while I do like the O-Bar drinks (particularly during their half-price happy hours) -- I don't consider their concoctions particularly tropical.


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                              Well, they've got mai tai and pina colada ...