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Oct 2, 2007 12:19 PM

Must Have Capon [Raleigh/Durham]

Does anyone know where I can purchase either fresh or frozen capons in or around the Raleigh/Durham or even online? I was so disappointed to not be able to serve one last Christmas Eve and don't want a repeat of that mad scramble to redo entire menu at the last minute.

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  1. i've seen them at whole foods (chapel hill) before, although not all the time. i imagine they'll be bringing them in for the holidays.

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      Yes, capons are usually available to order at any Whole Foods about one month in advance of the holiday. Call or check at the meat counter.

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        Thank you all very much. I hadn't had a chance to check back for a couple of weeks and was crossing my fingers when I logged in today. I am really grateful to you all for your replies. Whole Foods it is! And yes, a capon is tastier than your 'run-of-the-mill' hen. They are also a bit pricier. But I think that a special occasion, like Christmas Eve dinner, deserves a special bird. Thanks again!

      2. I knew a capon was a type of chicken, but I didn't know the gruesome details...

        "A capon is a rooster (a male chicken) whose reproductive functions were removed at a young age. Typically the castration is performed when the chicken is between 6 and 20 weeks old."


        Are they really that much tastier than your regular run-of-the-mill hen?

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          They get bigger than a hen - so its a weightier bird.

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            Got distracted...meant to explain that this gives a higher ratio of meat to bone. Also texture is finer, very full of flavor & juicy.

        2. For those of us without a Whole Foods nearby :( there's always D'artagnan.

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            We got a frozen Capon at Harris Teeter once.

          2. I worked at Whole Foods in Chapel Hill for the last six years until just a few weeks ago, when I moved to Brooklyn. I know that we always started taking meat orders for Thanksgiving sometime around Halloween, and we took Christmas meat orders starting the week of Thanksgiving. We always offered capons, among many other things. You can order almost anything from Whole Foods at any time of the year, incidentally. People order dozens and dozens of oysters, whole crabs by the bushels, huge cuts of all kinds of meat, wheels of cheese, kegs of obscure beers - everything. I would call the store in Raleigh or Durham and ask when they're taking their orders for Christmas, and then call close to that day. They are REALLY reliable, I've found. But it's always a good idea for peace of mind, and for the avoidance of stress of potential replanning, to call early. Whole Foods caters to people who want specific things for specific meals, and are really good at that type of accomodation.

            1. try your local latino grocery with a butcher or extensive meat selection. Such as La Superior, compare, and galaxy, in Durham.

              different types of meat, cuts of meat, cheap lamb, fat hens, ducks, and even capons, i believe...i know i've seen them. they do take orders close to the holidays for things like capons, and suckling pigs and such.