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Oct 2, 2007 12:08 PM

A great place for a 1st date between Silverlake and Westwood

Help! I have a 1st date with someone and I don't know the area between Silverlake and Westwood that well. I was thinking something on 3rd street near Jones on 3rd (which would have been great but it closes at 8pm and we are meeting at 7:30pm). Any suggestions. This is more of a having a coffee/drink date as it is a set up from my friend. Something with a mellow and cool atmosphere would be great. Thanks! I know you'll come through!

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  1. How about Urth? (Melrose/La Cienega) Lots of great coffee and snack choices, plus plenty of substantial food if you get hungry. Very mellow and casual, and you might even spot a celeb (I've seen Jake Gyllenhaal there, among others).

    1. King's Road Cafe on Beverly
      Tasca on 3rd for wine and small plates
      Farmer's Market could be fun especially if one of you wants coffee and the other beer or wine
      Tom Bergin's for drinks
      3rd Stop is very noisy so I wouldn't really recommend it for a first date
      If you want to go a little classier, Nic's on Canon in Beverly Hills is quiet and has good cocktails

      1. Thanks so much, these are great recommendations!

        1. Food Court LA a few doors down from Joan's on Third would work. Full bar or you can bring your own wine for $5 corkage fee. Cute decor inside yet still casual and friendly.

          1. How about BreadBar on 3rd/Robertson? They've got a guest chef (Ludovic Lefebvre) who's turning out tapa-style bites to eat using bread from BreadBar, cheese from BH Cheese Store, etc. Small plates are good for first dates because they require some cooperation, they create some conversation, they encourage some sharing. Bring your own wine. Could be fun. And if it's a crappy date, then at least you got a good meal. That was always my strategy.