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Oct 2, 2007 12:00 PM

Dinner near H P Pavillion

I've done a search, but I don't know San Jose well enough to know what I'm looking at. I've got a conference at the H P Pavillion this weekend and am looking for a good (maybe even great) restaurant to have an early dinner at Friday night. It needs to be relatively near the Pavillion and not horribly expensive, but type of food is not an issue. We like pretty much everything. I've never been to the HP Pavillion, are there any places within walking distance for lunch the next day as well? Lastly, are there any places in that area that are open late for dessert?

Thanks so much in advance,


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  1. Well, welcome! There are scads of places to eat, but there is a fairly new dessert place in San Jose, A Perfect Finish, which opened in late March of this year. I've attached a link to their website. I'll work on a list for dinner, but it runs the gamut, from BBQ at Henry's to Morton's and on ...

      1. Thanks so much for the help - I think we are definitely going to the dessert place, but am still looking for dinner options. La Pastaia sounds like a definite possibility, and probable winner, but am interested in hearing more about the BBQ place and any other options. Maybe something ethnic? You 'hounds are a lifesaver!

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          Vung Tau is a great Vietnamese restaurant in DT San Jose. It's not really walking distance (about a mile and a half), but it's a short drive or cab ride (in fact, it might be better to park there and cab than try to park around HPP).