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Oct 2, 2007 11:52 AM

Dining in Racine Wi

I will be spending 4 days in Racine and hoping someone can give me some recs for both fine and casual dining in that area....

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  1. I would try The Yellow Rose which also has a causal bar called The Grotto.
    There is also the Hob Nob

    1. Olde Madrid on Sixth Street in Downtown Racine is great, and the prices are the best in town (seriously). They serve tapas and main dishes ... I love the goat cheese basil dip.

      Ivanhoe has good bar food, Asiana on Sixth Street does good Korean, Shogun in Downtown Racine is a little spendy, but worth it and Salute is good for Italian.

      Wells Brothers was recently named one of the best pizzas in the country, just about any Mexican place is good and Waves has a great breakfast reputation.

      Hope this helps ... happy eating!

      1. down the road about 15 minutes is The Brat Stop. They use local sausages, have beer and cheese curds. They even have a big store where you can get the brats or cheese after you dine. It's quite a trip and very Wisconsin.

        It is in Pleasant Prarie, WI

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          The Yellow Rose in downtown Racine serves a wonderful lunch. The owners, Scott & Patrice Sebastian also own Sebastian's, which serves dinner. Sebastian's food stands head to toe with any upscale Chicago restaurant and we're grateful to have them here in Racine(Caledonia).

        2. Though this thread is not recent, I wanted to give a big thanks for the recommendations of Larsen Bakery and The Brat Stop. While I couldn't buy a whole kringle for myself, Larsen's hot cross buns and pecan roll were both stellar examples of delicious baking. The Brat Shop was also a hoot. While the brats, cabbage and potato salad certainly weren't the best I've had, the atmosphere was completely unique. Also, I've never had fried cheese curds, so that was fun. Thanks again!