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Oct 2, 2007 11:48 AM

How to best cut up raw flank steak?

Do I freeze it for a few minutes then cut into pieces? I was at a market where they were sampling flank steak w/ onions and teriyaki sauce. It was very tasty so we bought one and would like to make the same thing. I've only grilled and then sliced flank steak in the past and was wondering if there is a particular way to cut it up raw...

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  1. You must cut it against the grain or it will be inedible (well not inedible but you will be chewing for a very very long time). If not sure, ask you butcher to explain to you how to find the grain and cut against it.

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      I find having it partially frozen makes it easier to get nice thin slices.

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        The grain in flank steak is very easy to see. Do pop it in the freezer for a little while and slice thin across the grain with a very sharp knife.

      2. To slice it before it is cooked you should freeze it for about 5 min. Just to firm it up a little. Otherwise you will just be tearing it apart!