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Oct 2, 2007 11:38 AM

2 Nights in Forestville

I'm staying in Farmhouse Inn for two nights. Night # 2 I plan on biking, wineries, hitting spa, dining at Farmhouse, then getting the greatest sleep of my life.
Night 1 is undecided. Everyone seems to rave about Cyrus--how expensive is it?
Is there a local area place, moderately priced, that serves local favorites? No frills not a problem. In fact , any recs re any place that serves food is appreciated.

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  1. I predict you will love Farmhouse Inn. I had a fabulous dinner there a few months ago. I posted on it at the time, so you can probably search for it if you are interested. I haven't been to Cyrus, so can't comment. My husband had dinner at Mosaic, in Forestville, and was very impressed. West of Forestville, there is Applewood Inn in Guerneville. I had the best duck breast of my life there. It's not cheap, but the food is wonderful and the setting is lovely. A little farther west in Monte Rio (where I live) is Cafe Les Jumelles. It's come up a few times on this board lately and I always chime in about it, because I live close by and I really want it to stay open! The chef/owner has experience in some of the high end SF restaurants, but wanted to open his own smaller, quieter place. It's definitely no frills, and so the prices are very reasonable. While it still has a few rough spots, I've been generally very pleased with the food at breakfast, lunch and dinner. Mostly simple basic food, but with a little extra something. Also, check out Sophie's Cellar wine store in Monte Rio - get John talking about wine, or David talking about cheese. Both Mosaic and Cafe Les Jumelles (and several other area restaurants) offer free corkage if you buy the wine there.

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      Another vote for Cafe Les Jumelles - had very tasty sourdough beer battered salmon fish & chips. I was skeptical, as it seemed to be too good to be true - all my favorite things in one food item. But they were great, and I enjoyed the calamari (though I don't think I'm very picky as some in this department) and my dining partner's chicken fried steak as well. Really endeared me to both the restaurant and town, and hope to be back soon. Like Kathleen says, it's the kind of place you hope succeeds. Attached are crummy phone cam pics of the calamari and fish & chips.

    2. Abu .... Cyrus is very expensive , although you can eat the limited bar menu and get a feel for the place that way . However , a better alternative is K & L Bistro in Sebastopol . The place is reasonable , delicious , fair with their corkage , and Michelin has rewarded their efforts with a star . Enjoy .

      1. Well... I love Zazu. Very good. Deffinitely no frills in a decor sense. T-shirt and jeans is fine. But the food is seriously good. I've never stayed in Sonoma for more than one night in a row without eating there.

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          Thanks for the advice. My wife stumbled upon Zazu--I checked their website and I sure like the menu...
          It seems like all these places are winners.
          How far advance do I need to make a reservation for these places--It will be a sunday night in November

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            Yeah, the menu there is great. The specialty is the pork braised in balsamic vinegar which can be a little vinegar-y to people but which is very very tasty.

            Farmhouse I'd make the reservations as soon as you know. zazu, a week to get exactly what you want on a weekend...


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              Ha--that pork jumped off the screen when I read the menu.

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                Yeah. As I said, it is their specailty It has been on the menu for years. Really, the only item that has lasted years, iirc.

        2. I've never been to Cyrus, and I'm sure it's great....but it is VERY expensive. If you're over in west county you may want to try Underwood in Graton. It's not a far drive from the Farmhouse. It's delicious food and is a local favorite- especially of the RRV grape grower/winery owners. It has a very cool vibe, great wine list/cocktails and yummy food!

          1. Dined at Mosaic, Zazu and Applewood Inn on a recent trip to Russian River Valley. I'd give the nudge to Mosaic. The young chef not only puts his heart and soul into the food, but also into the building, which he purchased and remodeled himself. It is a small restaurant with big flavors and caring service. After dinner the wait staff even spent considerable time with us advising on which local wineries to hit. We left very happy and certainly wishing that this gem of a place will achieve the success it deserves.

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              On a recent trip to Guerneville, we went to Mosaic and Zazu for dinner. (I had been to Zazu before). Mosaic is wonderful. Zazu is good too, but we loved Mosaic. My boyfriend had the wild salmon dinner- which I really enjoyed. I had duck with champagne grapes served with lentils and greens. Very good.