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Oct 2, 2007 11:28 AM

Creole Creamery

Hello everyone. I was wondering if one of my favorite junk-food places in the city was still there? Their creativity in flavors was amazing, used to love going there on the way back uptown and see what variety that day had in store. P.S. their raspberry hazelnut a coffee and doughnut flavors were UNREAL, as was the cookie monster.

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  1. Yes, it is still there. We've had a gelato explosion in NOLA since CC first opened. CC still has a wide variety of innovative flavors, but I've been converted to La Divina Gelateria on Magazine. La Divina is pricey, but the proprietors use local milk and have their own interesting flavors (aztec chocolate w/cinnamon & cayenne, campari & grapeferuit, tiramisu, creme brulee, etc) While La Divina's pistachio isn't as good as Brocato's pistachio, everything at La Divina is superlative.

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      The ice cream at Creole Creamery is decidedly different than the gelato at Divina, Pazzo, Brocatto's, and Sucre. It is, after all, ice cream, not gelato.

      Given all these options, mikek, the unique flavors at CC are not as unique anymore.
      Right now they have a hickory smoked vanilla ice cream that is amazing, though some dislike the flavor. Coffee and doughnut sounds fantastic, but I haven't seen it.

      Milk prices have gone up. Divina is great because they use local milk, local ingredients, and corn-based containers--very eco-friendly.

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        I have to disagree about that hickory smoked vanilla. It sure tastes like Liquid Smoke to me. Yuck.

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          I just liked the lusciousness of the smoke and the vanilla. It reminded me of bacon ice cream. It could use a sweet topping like caramel to cut through the smokiness.

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          It IS strikingly different—think about the basic differences between gelato and ice cream with 14% butterfat (I believe I read that in an article about Creole Creamery a while back). Apples and oranges.

          You have to be crazy to rate Sophie's above Angelo Brocato. Good gelato does not require toppings.

      2. Creole Creamery is still there and open, but I think Sophie's Gelato is much much better.

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          I went to Sophie's when I still lived in the city and liked it. I just love the immense selection of flavors at CC. Also, sometimes I am in the mood for good old fashioned ice cream and not the creamier consistency of gelato.

        2. And just to throw in a third way, I think Pazzo Gelato on Oak St is the best (though I haven't been to Sophie's). We had a very odd experience at La Divina, where it seemed they forgot to put the flavor in and were just selling the base. We didn't taste it until we left the store and continued walking, so I'm not sure if that was actually their peach flavor, or a mistake. Plus I didn't like the texture as much as Pazzo's. Creole Creamery has a downright weird texture to me, it gets gummy as it melts, rather than just returning to cream texture.

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            Funny how taste works: I like Divina's texture best of all, with Brocato's very close behind. Pazzo seems too fluffy to me, although I really like their panini.

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              Brocato's strawberry sorbet/ice is maybe the best thing I have ever tasted.

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                Ooh, try the blood orange, it's v. good too.

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                  for some reason I cannot get past the pistachio at brocato's (or angelo's...for those who watched k-ville...do they even have banana splits???)

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                    I thought the same thing. No, they don't have banana splits, but according to a friend who works there, apparently K-Ville had been filming recently near Brocato's at Venezia's.

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                  I'll definitely give divina another chance, but pazzo is so close to my house, it's hard to drive across town for it. I can see what you mean about 'fluffiness', some flavors seem smoother than others. Surprisingly (to me at least, given it's such an american flavor), peanut butter has been the best thing i've had at pazzo. very rich and smooth.

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                    I saw a fair amount of peanut gelato in Rome; I too was surprised by it.