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Oct 2, 2007 10:39 AM

Oishi Thai in Miami?

Anyone try this yet?

Supposedly new, owner was trained at Nobu. Gets good writeups, not a typical sushi/thai combo place. It was recommended to me by a friend and was thinking about taking the wife there for our anniversary this weekend.

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  1. Not so new any more, been open at least a year or two. I haven't tried their thai food but have gone for sushi a few times. In addition to their thai food and traditional sushi they also do a number of dishes which are pretty much lifted directly from the Nobu menu. Some are pretty good facsimiles at somewhat lower prices (but still not cheap).

    Here's some more detailed comments from one of my visits.

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      Thanks for the info and the link. We were thinking about Nobu too. Going at 8pm Sat night shouldn't be that bad a wait. I don't mind them copying Nobu since i have fond memories, but i haven't been to it since my NYC days many years ago.

      Now i'm torn between the 2 places....

      1. re: Frodnesor

        Thanks for the write up, Frod. I'll have to check it out. I have not had any Thai food in Dade Co. in a while. My wife is a big fan of Nobu's rock shrimp tempura.

        I'll let you know how their Thai food taste. So far, from the restaurant website Thai menu looks fairly mainsteam.

        1. re: Rimtalay

          We went to Oishi Thai in North Miami Fri. night. We ordered fried stuffed shrimp, rock shrimp tempura and Thai geen curry. The service was good, however, the food needed a lot more improvement. First, the stuffed shrimp appitizer was very tough, the dough was way too thick. The dipping sauce supposed to be more like plum sauce but it was too vinegary. The second dish was rock shimp tempura, it was underwhelming, the fried part was good but the mayo base sauce didn't have the zink! that we used to at Nobu. At last the third dish, I was looking forward to this dish since it's kind of my soul food, the green curry. The curry was too sweet with very little spice. The place certainly didn't sautee the curry paste prior to add the coconut milk. As the result, the curry lacked the dept of flavor. I don't think making the curry sweet to please American palate help either.

          1. re: Rimtalay

            Oishi is way overrated. The thai food and the sushi is very inconsistent. The sushi portions are small and overpriced.

      2. I've been a few times, mostly for the Thai. Chef Bee (the owner) is from Chiangrai in the far North of Thailand, and did work for a few years at Nobu. I'm sure there are duds on the menu, Americans would never allow an authentic Thai menu IMO.
        The black cod (which is phenominal) is $16, compared to God-only-knows-what at Nobu. Decor is classy, and I've heard Nobu is loud and cramped.
        If you go get some mango and sticky rice for dessert!