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Oct 2, 2007 10:29 AM

Old Town - ABQ

Looking for authentic New Mex or Mex in or around Old Town -- we have a car and can drive a bit, but would prefer to walk. Is Mary & Tito's nearby??? Tnx.

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  1. I'm a solid walker, and I could do it. I don't know about you. Mary and Tito's is at least a mile away. El Portal is right in Old Town and isn't bad (but I haven't been there in years because it isn't screaming good, either).

    Drive to Mary & Tito's - get the carne adovada with red chile and an egg on top. Enjoy yourself. It's worth getting in the car and driving a short drive to have exceptional red chile. How often do you get the chance to have it?

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      You answered my question, I had a feeling Mary & Tito's was nearby -- we can easily walk a mile if it's walkable or make a quick drive. We're visiting from L.A. and are really looking forward to the food there! thanks, again --

      1. re: Silverlaker

        Drive, Silverlaker. Not a fun walk, even if you're up it ... and it's more like 2+ miles I think.

    2. Also, be aware that Mary and Tito's closes early (maybe 8:00?) so call first and make sure they're open...... and I agree with pgerding... DRIVE!

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        They close at 6 p.m. except F & Sat, when it's 8 p.m.

        Drive. Not a lovely walk.