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Oct 2, 2007 10:21 AM

Chicago Style Pizza in Philly??

My buddy's wife is about 7 month's pregnant and is craving some Chicago style pizza (deep dish). I would like to surprise her for her birthday this week with a pie but I do not want to go to Pizzeria Uno. Help me out. I live in CC but will travel 15 mins or so if you think it is worth it.

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  1. I'm kind of surprised. Of the 500+ pizza places in and around the city, none makes a deep dish worthy of mentioning?

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    1. re: juice

      Not that I know of, sorry.. I've only had it in this area at Pizzeria Uno.

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        God forbid I spark off a Chicago vs. New York pizza debate. Having had Chicago deep dish it is easy to understand why some people would seek it out. As mentioned on a few food/travel channels: I think it is great but should be called something else, not pizza. Sorry to hear Pizzeria Uno (which is a Chicago institution) is not really that good outside Chicago. The same basic reason you seek out what you define as pizza, Chicago style, is why there is not a great demand for it here. Most of the east coast megapolis defines Pizza as New York style. What you like is what is important here. Sorry you can't find it! Let us know if and where you do.

        1. re: Bacchus101

          If it had been called something else - like, say, gloppy pile of cheese - i'd have been less dissapointed when i moved to chicago in the 90s!
          (I'd just assumed that deep dish meant lots of dough. how wrong i was...)

      2. Wish I could help you...there doesn't seem to be a demand for deep dish around here. I know you can order Lou Malnati's frozen if that helps.

        1. i'm with you all. i would LOVE to find chicago style pizza here. i have never seen it anywhere in the area.

          1. the only thing close to Chicago pizza is at Gallifty's in Bryn Mawr. The restaurant does not make very much that is worth recommending except for the "red stuffed pizza". You can pick your toppings and it is similar to chicago style, deep dish, toppings stuffed in between two crusts with a chunky red sauce on top. It is very good, a little greasy but Gallifty's also has a good beer selection, so you may want to check it out.

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              Ditto in Central Pennsylvania. It's all <spit> New York style. I'd steer clear of Uno. The only one that's worth eating at is the original, or Due, in Chicago.

            2. As an update in February 2011... Each of the following does a Chicago Style Deep Dish Pie:
              Garces Trading Co
              1111 Locust St, Philadelphia - (215) 574-1099

              13th St Pizza
              209 South 13th Street, Philadelphia - (215) 546-4453

              N Y P D Pizza
              140 South 11th Street, Philadelphia - (215) 733-0651

              ....and of course the Uno's Chain offerings.

              13th St Pizza
              209 S 13th St, Philadelphia, PA 19107

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              1. re: axer1

                Until we moved out of the city in October we ordered Sicilian pizza from NYPD Pizza quite often, and it was great! However, my only experience with Chicago Style Pizza was at an Uno's chain (I understand that this is supposedly not authentic but bear with me) and when I made it myself with a King Arthur recipe. The NYPD pizza is awesome but seems fundamentally different than what I understand Chicago style to be. The crust was not flaky, the cheese was on top, and the crust was prepped for topping in the same way most pizza is but not in the way I understand a Chicago Style pizza to be topped. I have to be honest, though, I haven't had a Unos pizza for a few years but I personally think they are very delicious (I just get the traditional cheese and tomato).