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Oct 2, 2007 10:17 AM

Sripraphai for the novice -

I have been poking around the board and I see many a list of "must trys" for the seasoned chowhounder, but I am going tonight for my first time and I am wondering if there are some staples for the not overly adventurous. What are the great dishes for a beginner? Thank you!

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  1. as long as you don't mind a certain degree of heat, i think a good many of sripraphai's dishes are novice-friendly. i'd skip the catfish salad (the texture can put people off) and steer clear of jungle curry or anything "sour," but beyond that, i'd say you're good to go. try the drunken noodles, the pork leg and the fried chicken dish for sure -- the papaya salad is also pretty ace if you don't mind a little funk from the dried shrimp (it's not overwhelming, just a little sea-tasting in the mode of an anchovy in my book). three words to remember,though: No Pad Thai!

    and enjoy your visit.

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    1. re: david sprague

      oh but that sour curry is sooooo good.

      also, try the soft shell crab, either as an app or an entree. the twice-cooked pork is also good.

    2. the drunken noodles and fried watercress salad are the popular items and i enjoy them very much.

      im hard pressed to find an entree that stands out though...the duck leg, the pork, they all taste the same to me.

      1. my favorite dish is pretty simple, Pork seasoned with garlic and pepper over rice. 0-7 I think? It's just nice pieces of pork with a delicious almost candied flavor. Not spicy at all, though it comes with the little bowl of chili oil. I usually get this and a drunken noodles with chicken and share the two dishes. I'd recommend both of these to the pickiest eater...and I'm pretty picky. (I didn't eat chicken off the bone untill a few years ago!)

        1. Get the papaya or mango salads and one of the curries with some rice (I like red and massaman, but tastes differ). I also love their simple fish cakes. If you like fish, and don't mind picking them apart (which seems to bother some people) I would definitely go for one of the whole fish preparations.

          1. I really love the curries. My current favorite is the sauteed pork with string bean (no coconut milk). I also love the masaman, penang, and green curries. Definitely get the fried watercress salad too. I was there today, as it happens. I go about 3 times a week. It's awesome.