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restaurant cooking classes?

Hi there,

I'm on the East Coast and largely ignorant of the LA restaurant scene. Are there any big-name (or rather, known-chef restaurants) there that offer cooking classes (here it's usually just one afternoon/night, includes the meal, i think ~$100-150)? I'd like to buy a class as a present for a friend who's moved out there, but don't know what's good or would be exciting for a foodie to attend. Slight preference for Italian or French (or 'nouveau american') cuisine, but would also consider some other genres, like Thai, sushi, or vegetarian. My friend will be living near Santa Monica, so all else equal, closer to there than, say, Pasadena would be better.


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  1. Looks like they have classes at Drago, a very good Italian restaurant in Santa Monica. Here's the link:


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        I think the cooking class series at Providence is over. I'm not sure when they'll start back up again but they were excellent.

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          Actually, there's a dessert class on the 21st. 11 a.m. 150/person. 2 hours.

          hrrhboo, which one did you take? I signed up for the sushi/sashimi class in May but had to cancel. Such is life.

        1. The Depot in Torrance. Chef Mike does an excellent Santa Barbara wine tour also.


            1. The new school of cooking in Culver City offers classes for all different cuisines. My wife and I went this year for my birthday present. The Thai cooking class was taught by Chef Jet Tila who is quite well known around here for teaching/catering. He was very professional. We cooked in groups of 4 (maybe 5 different groups), each of us preparing one dish (although he showed us how each was prepared). At the end was a monster feast. He was also very helpful in teaching us where to source the best ingredients. Culver City is nearby Santa Monica (15 minutes or so by car).

              1. Thanks, everyone; these look like great leads! I think it'll probably end up depending on who has enough offerings that he can choose from a couple of dates (and the restaurant/school can accommodate that in a "gift certificate" format).

                1. I posted once before about Chefmakers in Pacific Palisades...they also have a south bay location...i have gone to classes with Alan Guiraud (of Bastide) and Thierry Ratiraut (from my favorite Seattle restaurant) as well as one other which i cant remember right now...you should probably check them out as it was exactly in your price range and was a lot of fun...they have some celebrity chef nights and some themed nights like you mentioned