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Oct 2, 2007 10:01 AM

Eastern North Carolina style barbeque in NYC???

Home sick boy from Wilson in quest of vinegar based eastern carolina que, not expensive or touristy, just damn good and authentic, can I find it in Manhattan or Brooklyn.

I did a search and read extensive comments on Virgils, Daisy Maes, RUB, Blue Smoke, Fette Sau, etc, but didn't see the spot for NC Q.


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  1. I feel you (East Carolina Grad here). Have you tried Dinosaur BBQ? It's not vinegar based but is still really good.

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    1. re: kam0424

      +1 for Dinosaur. It's saucy BBQ but excellent nonetheless. That may not be a substitute for what you're craving, though...

      1. re: jakew8

        SOO fabulous. I love Dinosaurs. It makes me feel like I'm somewhere far away, not in Manhattan.

        And. They have a BLT with fried green tomatoes that makes me salvate right now.

      2. re: kam0424

        Dinosaur BBQ is loaded with sugar. Very different from NC BBQ.

      3. If you find a good spot, let us know!

        I hold out for the annual Big Apple Barbecue and end up eating three or four pulled pork or whole hog sandwiches.

        1. Doesn't Brother Jimmy's have NC-style BBQ? I know it is owned by two guys from NC.

          Personally, I think BBQ is just one of the things that NYC doesn't do that well. And, to ask for a specific type of bbq ... well, you're likely to be pretty disappointed.

          1. Pies and Thighs, Brooklyn. Butts and vinegar, closest thing to Wilber's you're gonna get here. Beautiful little dumpy place.

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            1. re: sam_the_man

              Exactly my answer. Their product can be variable, but it's the only place I've found my pork thoroughly dosed with vinegar-y sauce, a la N.C. Everywhere else seems to have some variation of the red sauce version. I believe the people who own the place are indeed from North Carolina (although I don't know about that now that Steve Tanner has left). It's a well-hidden place in Williamsburg just north of the bridge down a difficult to access one way street (S. 5th St.) behind an unmarked screen door.

              1. re: Woodside Al

                Tanner is from Atlanta actually. That's what I was told by someone that knows him anyway. I agree tho, the bbq is quite close, only thing is they put slaw on GA husband says this is not authentic. But I think this is the best you are going to get, I think it's excellent. Really cool little joint.

                1. re: prunefeet

                  Putting slaw on a BBQ sandwich is VERY authentic in NC (and the rest of the South).

            2. I'm from the Wilminton, NC area and have been looking for good BBQ as well. Brother Jimmy's is owned by a New Yorker that went to Duke (otherwise known as the University of New Jersey at North Carolina). They haven't quite gotten the whole NC BBQ thing down just right. However, they have done the best job in the city of getting as close to NC BBQ as you will find. If you order from there, you have a choice of NC and SC (mustard-based) BBQ. If you order the NC bbq, make sure they don't put the thick, sugary BBQ sauce on it. They will do it, if you don't ask them not to. Stay away from Virgil's - it's a disgrace and a sham that they have called there version NC style BBQ. The state of NC should sue them. I visited the races in Saratoga, NY last year - there were bbq stands actually called Carolina BBQ. Again disappointed - it wasn't even close. You're not going to find the real deal anywhere in NY. Borther Jimmy's is probably the closest. If you google 'buy NC bbq online' you will come accross some websites where you can purchase some online (mostly Lexinton/Hickory, NC style) and they will send it to you. I've never tried this before, so I cannot attest to the quality. My brother has tried out Daisy Maes and said it was okay, but again - not the same. Good luck.