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Oct 2, 2007 09:59 AM

Good Food near Savage Mill

A friend is coming to visit next week and I'm taking her over to experience Savage Mill, then we need dinner. What's good around that area? I haven't been up there in awhile and I know it's grown, but what's nearby that you can recommend? We're particular fond of Indian food, but anything goes, if it's good.

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  1. Ram's Head has a place in the Savage Mill antiques mall. It's your basic Ram's Head. Not good, not bad, just basic food. Last time I was there, I thought it was slightly overpriced for the kind of food and the quality of the food, but no so much that I wouldn't return if I happened to be shopping in the mall and wanted lunch.

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      I second what Just Visiting said.

      However, do stop and invest in some of the best bread around at Bonaparte Breads. They also do nice lunches, but the menu is limited.

    2. Mirchi Wok/Mango Grove on Dobbin Road near Snowden River Parkway in Columbia. About ten-fifteen minutes from Savage (get back onto 95 North, get onto 175 West, and a minute or two later make a left onto Dobbin Road).

      Both are Indian restaurants. Mango Grove specializes in vegetarian cuisine, while Mirchi Wok is supposedly Chinese food Indian style!

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        Will second Mirchi (meat) and Mango (veggie), good indian food.