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Oct 2, 2007 09:31 AM

Sweet Treats For Holiday Gift Giving? Need help with ideas...

I've decided to make treat boxes for all of my coworkers this holiday season. I read the posts about packaging, but does anyone have any suggestions for delicious treats to put in the boxes (something beyond sugar cookies)? This sounds crazy, but am making treat boxes for 180ish. So, am going to try and spend Thanksgiving holiday weekend in the kitchen to get everyone's boxes out to them on the following Monday. Any recipes/ideas for candies, bonbons, yummy treats are appreciated!

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  1. I started testing recipes for me holiday baskest this weekend. Currently, I plan to make all of the foloowing before Thanksgiving and decide which I want to include:
    Mini bundt cakes (7-Up cake)
    Mini gingerbread muffins
    Homeade oatmeal cream pies
    Pecan bars
    chocolate coated toffee
    7-layer bars
    World Peace cookies

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      Sounds like a great basket! What are World Peace cookies?

    2. chocolate peppermint bark - YUM - so easy to make and so much less expensive than buying it at William Sonoma. Just melt some good quality dark chocolate and spread it on a jelly roll pan. Wait for it to harden and then melt some white chocolate and pour it over the first layer. Then, crush up some soft peppermint (I get King Leo candies by the tub at Costoc - $5.99 for 500) and distribute it over the white chocolate layer (wait until that layer is a little cool but still a little soft so that the colors don't run) Then break it into chunks and either bag or box it. Fabulous and minimum work!

        1. Spiced or candied nuts.

          1. Here's a great thread on everyone's favorite Christmas cookies: