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Oct 2, 2007 09:30 AM

Dinner in Lakewood

My wife and I are coming to town from Los Angeles to do some house shopping in Lakewood. We'd like to try something that is delicious but also will give a good feel for the area and what its like on a Friday or Saturday night. Any thoughts? Thanks

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  1. Easily the best restaurant in that area is York Street. Although not officially in Lakewood, but close by, is The Grape. Kitchen 1924 is in Lakewood, but isn't as good -- although it does have more of a Lakewood neighborhood ambience.

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        1. Another vote for York Street as best restaurant in the neighborhood. Some others:

          Kitchen 1924 -- Good to great food, nice interior and neighborhood feel with local customers.
          La Calle Doce -- Really good Tex-Mex and Mexican seafood.
          Legal Grounds -- Great morning coffee/breakfast place. Favorite haunt of neighborhood runners and writers. Turns into a greek restaurant at night.
          Sol's -- Tex-Mex...not the greatest in the city but solid and fairly popular with Lakewood families.
          Matt's El Rancho -- Tex-Mex...great food and really fun patio.
          Garden Cafe -- Wonderful, Austin-y, breakfast and lunch place. It is a bit south of Lakewood but I still consider it a neighborhood place. They have a garden out back (where you can also sit) and grow much of their produce and herbs there.

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            That's a good list, R2D4.

            York Street is definitely the best restaurant on the list, but it's rarefied enough that I'm not sure it captures the feel of the neighborhood. For that, I'd vote for margaritas, a basket of chips, and a bowl of Bob (Armstrong dip) on the patio at Matt's. I mean, if the OP is thinking about moving to the neighborhood, a place like Matt's is probably going to be a more regular hang-out than a place like York Street.

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              Great list! I agree with all of the recommendations, although I find Garden Cafe to be a bit more yuppie in terms of clientele.

            2. Scalini's and Tipperary Inn are fun neighborhood hangouts. I also would second Matt's or La Calle Doce (especially their blacken salmon tacos.)