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Oct 2, 2007 09:30 AM

Tailgating at the Rose Bowl

Does anybody have any excellent ideas for bringing food to the Rose Bowl for tailgating?

I'm thinking party trays and the such for about 14-20 adults and 20 kids. I would rather pick up food than cook it myself.

Thank you!!!

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  1. Most people will ask "what can I bring" if people have done this before they know what they like.. you can query to create varity. If its for this weekends Game against ND. Get there by 10:00 to get a good spot or you may not get it. As to food party trays are boring and remember your eating on the golf couse.. IMHO it should be lots of finger food to go with pre party libation or libations ( go team! ) and a main sandwich and salad.. dont for get the desert and have lots of beverages. Only a few need to stake the claim others can walk on over later..

    1. tailgating without grilling/q'ing? blasphemy!


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        wilafur.. I agree with you but the OP was going the Party Tray Route.. baby steps...

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          If you want to appear to be a cook and still serve something hot and kid friendly then I would suggest meatball subs. You can buy frozen meatballs and stick it in a pot with jarred sauce, garlic, basil and cook on a stove. Just buy big hoagie rolls and provolone and buy an antipasti platter at the store with perppercinis and olives. Or what about these meatball sliders?

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            yep, i realized that....just wanted to add in my $0.000001.

        2. Wahoo's worked pretty good for a non-bbqin' tailgate for me. Tacos came with the salsa on the side to keep them fresher. You can get sides of rice, beans, chips, salsa, guacamole, etc.

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            we did similar at Puebla Tacos which does 'catering" size portions of carnitas, pastor, chicken, etc. for tacos with all the fixings. The one on Villa opens around 8 a.m. and had everything packed and waiting when we arrived at 10:00. It stayed hot in their covered serving trays. Ask for catering/takeout will need to order in advance.
            (Links aren't working - insists on posting some other place in azusa)

            PUEBLA TACOS
            1819 E. Villa (at Allen)
            626 793 1083

          2. Bay Cities Deli could probably put together something impressive... You could get a party platter from Langers... You could get a ton of banh mi sandwiches from Lee's in SGV... You could get loads of stuff from Claro's Italian Market in Arcadia...

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              Second Bay Cities.


            2. Where are you coming from?

              You might want to call Lee's Hoagie House in Pasadena. Since it's close, the food won't be sitting around forever in your vehicle.

              2269 E Colorado Blvd
              Pasadena, CA 91107
              (626) 577-2250