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Cookie+Dried cherries?

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I am wanting to try adding dried cherries to my chocolate chip cookie receipe. Will they be too chewy? Should I soak the cherries, say in liquer, drain them, and then add them to the batter. I do not want the cookies to be too chewy or mushy either.

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  1. I'd add them just like that, no soaking. Delicious. Dried cranberries work well in cookies too.

    1. Not sure if this will work with cherries, but sometimes with raisins, I "plump" them by putting them in a steamer basket and steaming them for a few minutes. If you use liquer, you obviously change the flavor of the cherries and hence the cookie. Not sure if I like biting into little lumps of alcohol, but that's just me.

      1. I would add as is, just like raisins. Would be great with an oatmeal cookie, maybe some dark choc chips & pecans.... coconut.... yummmmm!

        1. I do add as is, but give them a little rough chop since they are bigger than most dried fruits normally used.

          1. I always add dried cherries to my cookie dough. They add alot to a cookie. No need to soak or anything.

            1. I would add them as is, and throw in white chocolate chunks, too! Yum.

              They are good booze soaked in brownies, though...

              1. i'd leave as is, unless they are really dry -- then i'd go with shayna's steam plump-up. i like the chopping idea, too.
                here's another idea when you want a fruit and nut cookie: http://onewholeclove.typepad.com/one_...

                1. There's no need to soak them if you don't want to, but I can't see how a little maceration in rum would hurt. For that matter, soaking just about anything in rum improves a recipe.

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                    I soak dried cherries in rum and add them to oatmeal cookies.