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Oct 2, 2007 09:19 AM

Best Indian in Manhattan

Hey folks,

What do you think are some of the best places to get Indian food in Manhattan? I am finding that excellent Indian isn't so easy to find on this isle. I'm not looking for anything pricey or fancy. Just great food.


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  1. I really like: Tamarind, Banjara and Bukhara Grill

    1. In terms of bang for buck, utility-to-price ratio, Kati Roll....hands down!

      I like to eats.

      1. After trying a number of Indian places that were okay but not wow, I discovered the Kosher vegetarian Indian restaurant district around 28th and Lex and was happily surprised by the depth and complexity and authenticity of flavor. Personal favorite is Chennai Garden. Otherwise, get thee to the Outer Boroughs and try Spicy Mina!

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        1. re: Mandymac

          Saravanaas is outstanding for South Indian. I still always enjoy Madras Mahal as well.

        2. Really you should head out to Queens (mmmm Spicy Minna), but in Manhattan, I like Vatan on 3rd at 29th. Fun atmosphere too.