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Oct 2, 2007 09:15 AM

Anyone tried Naz's falafel at King/Sherbourne?

I saw that this place opened up a little while ago - anyone been there? I'm scared to try a new falafel place since the horrible one I had at the place on Dundas (just east of University). Usually go to Sarah's on Bloor. Any comments are much appreciated!

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  1. I tried it in August. Will not be going back.
    I don't really know what to say, but everything tasted sub-par to me.

    1. Tried it a few weeks ago. Not rave-worthy but I'll give it another go one of these days, since it's very nearby.

      I had the chicken shawarma (the wrap, not the dinner plate) and it was quite good. The chicken was moist and flavourful. The toppings I chose were all fresh.

      My wife had the falafel. It tasted okay, but the falafels themselves were really mushy... more like a paste than distinct balls. We both agreed the shawarma was better, which is not really a good thing when the word "falafel" is in the restaurant name...

      1. I have been twice as it is close to my office. Both times I had the Chicken Shawarma plate and the meat was incredibly fatty and skin-filled. You probably wouldn't notice as much if you were to order it in sandwich form, but I had to discard at least half of the meat on the plate because it looked so unappealing.

        1. I've been furniture shopping the last few months and I as result I've tried it twice. The first visit I ordered the Gyro. Meat was tender and flavour was okay. One thing I noticed was that behind the counter, pieces of lettuce were turning brown. I've seen this at other falafel joints and I can't imagine why these places think customers would not notice or not care!

          The second time I tried the chicken shawarma and my S/O ordered the Gyro (I was starving). Some pieces of chicken was overcooked and crispy, not my thing. Gyro was okay again. If I'm in the area and famished, looking for a quick meal, I may go back for a Gyro, depending on the freshness of the vegetables.

          1. Thanks for all the input. Based on the less than stellar reviews, I think I'll hold off on having falafel until I can make the trek to somewhere I know it will be good.