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Oct 2, 2007 09:10 AM

What to eat @ Malo in Silverlake

Going to Malo in Silverlake this weekend. I've never been...what do you recommend for dinner? Also can you recommend a good drink? Which of their salsas are good? Has anyone had their chile relleno? How are their desserts? Is it hard to get in on a Saturday? Would you recommend reservations for 6 people @ 7:30? Do you have to have all members of your party before they seat you? Many many questions for a beautiful Tuesday morning. need. more. coffee......

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  1. OK...

    Their margaritas are excellent, but so are their mojitos and caipirinhas.

    Get the salsa flight.

    I'm a vegetarian so I mainly get the cheese enchiladas or quesadillas, but my meat-eating friends love the tacos al pastor.

    Shouldn't be hard to get in at that time but I'd make a reservation just in case. (Around 9 PM is when they really get going.) And they will seat you without your full party present.

    1. The tres leches cake is pretty good, but I would skip desserts and save room for chips and drinks. You can't go wrong with either the ground beef/pickle tacos or the carne asada tacos. The pork chili dish (chile colorado?) is pretty good, but really, it's not an ambitious menu -- better to stick to tacos and chips. The salad is boring.

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        Do you know if their tortillias are homemade? I wonder how the Shrimp Diablo or Lobster Diablo is.

        1. re: missmodular818

          The shrimp diablo is my favorite dish there aside from the habanero creme salsa! I'm not sure how well lobster would stand up to the sauce, though. Be warned that they deliberately make their chips a little on the soggy side when they fry them. I like them that way but you should let them know if you want them more done.

        2. re: Chowpatty

          I concur down the line with Chowpatty. I love their ground beef and pickle tacos, and the chips, salsa and guacamole. As others have said, they fry their chips "al dente" -- I prefer them crispy, so be sure to ask for them crispy if that is your preference. The salsa flight is very good. The pork dish is a pork in green chile -- it's good over rice with a fried egg on top. All of the sides are ala carte -- of the sides, the corn is particularly good, as is the squash.

        3. They have some great specialty cocktails, and a ton of different tequillas and mezcals on the list, so it's hard to go wrong with the drinks.

          I love the burnt habenero salsa, it's very spicy and sweet, but your safest bet is to go with the salsa flight to suit all appetites.

          I would make a reservation if I were you. The do get pretty busy, and if you don't have a reservation, you tend to get stuck at crappy tables, also, the outside patio tends to fill up pretty quickly, if you prefer to sit there.

          Their chile relleno is not very remarkable and can be too cheesy. I always get the potato and eggplant tacos and fresh beans - everything comes a la carte, so you can easily share a bunch of sides. The fried bananas with creme fraiche and garlic are yummy too.

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          1. re: artichokey

            I they allow smoking on the outside patio for all my smoking friends? Smoke while eating can be a bit unappetizing though.

            1. re: missmodular818

              Yes, you can smoke on the patio and many do -- smoking is legal on patios everywhere outside Beverly Hills and Calabasas I think.
              As far as the shrimp dishes and other stuff you mentioned, I recommend keeping it simple and you won't be disappointed. Tacos. Tequila. Chips.

              1. re: Chowpatty

                Thank you! Sounds like chip, tacos and salsa it is for me. Maybe I'll get a side of black beans. I know by BF will like the shrimp diablo so i will recommend that to him. I'm not much of a ground beef are the other tacos? Maybe I'll try the Al Pastor.

            2. re: artichokey

              i too LOVE the burnt habenero salsa, but it is quite spicy. I go back just for that. its truly delicious. And also the beef and pickle tacos and yummy too. Not so much a fan of the lobster tacos.. they don't cook the lobster right, ends up too rubbery.

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              1. I was wondering about that Margarita. I tend to not like Margaritas made with sweet and sour mix. I like mine made with lots of fresh lime juice and simple syrup, maybe some triple sec but never overly sweet. I like them still a bit tart. Looks like this one is made with lime juice. Any other drink recs? Since I'm driving I'll probably only have 1 alcoholic bev (2 tops) wondering how their 'famous' horchata is....Has anyone tried the rajas salad w/roasted peppers, nopales, red leaf lettuce, sweet chile dressing? Sounds yummy!

              2. habanero creme salsa is delicious! i usually get the al pastor and want to lick the pan...and i love the shrimp and avocado salad, incredibly refreshing.