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Oct 2, 2007 09:08 AM

Florence restaurants-What do you think of this list?

We will be in florence in less than two weeks and I came up with this list so far. I like to know if they are still good or they have gone downhill. I appreciate any help.

13 Gobbi
Il guscio
Trattoria Ii poeta
Osteria dell'Olio
Mesopotamia (donner kebab)
Quattro Amici
Cafe Gilli or Rivoire- Which one has the best hot chocolate
Il pizzaiuol

Thank you

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  1. Wow,I can't believe no one has anything to say about this list.

    1. Mrsjoujou: Check out this story for restaurants/places we rec in Florence -

      As for the restos you named, here's my 2 cents:
      -13 Gobbi -always a classic though nothing is AMAZING. i like it best for soup and wine on a cold day.
      -Il guscio - One of my friends claims it is his favorite place for Bistecca, but it's never left an impression on me
      -Ostera dell'olio - V. good for the price
      -4 Amici - Fish is good but I like Ristorante Ricchi (same price) in Santo Spirito better. Or Fuor d'acqua if you can splurge.
      -Rivoire's chocolate and hot chocolate is better than Gilli, but Gilli has better marzipan. There is also a chocolate shop near the corner of Borgo Pinti and Via dell'Oriuolo that has amazing hot chocolate.

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      1. re: aidam.

        Thank you very much. 13 gobbi is out. Il guscio serves dinner at 8:00,so that is out also. I will check out Ristorante Ricchi and can't wait to try the hot chocolate at Rivoire

        1. re: aidam.

          I second both Ricchi and Fuor d'Acqua. Great food at both.

          1. re: aidam.

            I think that the shop that you refer to is Vestri.

          2. Trattoria Benvenuto on Via dei Neri right behind the Uffizi has great pasta (I reccommend the rabbit sauce) and some of the best herb-roasted potatoes I've ever eaten. Very reasonable prices, not too many tourists. I Frattellini across from Ursanmichele on the road from Il Duomo to the Ponto Vecchio makes a mean sandwich and serves wine, though it's more of a takeout shack than anything else. And of course Vivoli on Via Isola delle Stinche for gelato.

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            1. re: Emmmily

              I think many feel that there's no longer any "of course" associated with Vivoli for gelato. I prefer Gelateria dei Neri. Still, if I'm near V. delle Stinche my feet seem to cross a certain threshold without too much effort.

              1. re: Emmmily

                We were in Italy for two weeks and the only restaurant where we would not return is the Trattoria Benvenuto. The four of us were cordial and friendly and could not figure out why the waiter continued to whisper comments to a patron he seemed to know and why he made demeaning gestures aimed at us. He did not realize one of the four of us could see him. The only possible reason we could come up with was that we were Americans. Did he perhaps have a bad experience with some previous American? I don't know, but there was no reason to be so insulting to us. I would certainly not go there again.

                1. re: Jankf

                  I don't blame you! But he might have been saying nice things so don't get too upset.

              2. Quatro Leoni is fantastic, steps from the ponte vecchio, but off the beaten path in terms of tourists. classic florence tratoria with exceptional food. the pastas are to die for (try the pear, asparagus in a light cream sauce). their grilled meats and foods are also all tastey. they also offer very very pleasant outdoor seating in an pretty piazza.