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Oct 2, 2007 09:07 AM

Dinner Thursday west side in the 60's-70's

Three of us coming from DC for one night. I realize that this is a wide swarth of territory (the west 60s thru the west 70s) but hoping to cast a wide net for some interesting suggestions

Looking for a mid-range ($25-$50 an entree lets say) place if possible for any of the following types of food:

Seafood, steakhouse, Asian across the specturm, latin flavors, really open to suggestions.

We have no resrtictions on diet and are adventurous eaters. We are getting into town a little late and want to stay in this area for conveinence. Hope this isn't too broad a request. Thanks in advance.

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  1. At your particular price range I hope you are not including drinks and tips.
    You can peruse menus online for most of these.

    60's area:
    Across from Lincoln Center (64th & Bdwy area) you'll find:
    Shun Lee (Asian) pricy
    Rosa Mexicano (Mexican)
    Fiorello's (Italian)

    70's area:
    Compass (69th off Amsterdam)

    Le Bernardin is fine for seafood but is at W. 51st St.

    No really good steak places in this particular area that I know of.

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      Please note that Compass is on *70th*, b/t Amsterdam & West End Avs. I think it's an excellent choice.

    2. Few Suggestions...
      Landmarc (Time Warner Center)
      Porterhouse (Steak House in Time Warner Center) - ask for window table they overlook the park
      Nougatine (the Cafe in front room of Jean Georges - Trump International) - I love the atmosphere and it's a great way to eat the food out of that kitchen without breakin the bank!
      Cafe Luxenbourg - Lobster Rolls - Yum
      PJ Clarks (kinda fun over looking Lincoln Center)

      1. Cafe Ronda - Argentine Steak, burgers, etc. (but Peruvian chef who always has a delicious ceviche appetizer) - Columbus at 72
        Epices - Morrocan - 71st at Columbus
        Dan - B'way at ummm .. 68th? Very tasty classic Japanese (yummy nabeyakiudon on a cold night)
        Ollie's - Cantonese - b'way 68th
        All State Cafe - 72nd between WEA and B'way - neighborhood spot/dive bar/tasty, but not special, food
        Saffire - Indian B'way and 61-62

        1. I recommend Citrus on 75th and Amsterdam. They have a wide variety of selections from Mexican to Sushi. Not only is the fish fresh, but they are also extremely creative with the flavors. One of my favorite plates is the Ultimate Roll combination: one yellowtail with mango & avocado, one spicy tuna with banana & one salmon with cucumber & tempura flakes wrapped in soy infused seaweed, served with a trio of Latin inspired dipping sauces. The ambiance is great as well although it can get crowded.