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Oct 2, 2007 09:03 AM

Best (mail-able) pies? [Moved from Midwest]

A friend of mine is working on an article that will mention some of the best pies in the country, and I offered to post a query here.

I'm interested in any opinions about the best pies, which
-should include a location (and a telephone would be nice)
-needn't be a mail-order place, but must be capable of, and willing to, mail pies
-should be classic Americana pies, not something pretentious or weird like durian pie

Thanks in advance for your input!

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  1. Just happened to see your post on the main chow page. You may want to post this under general. Anyway, in Florida at Bob Roth's New River they ship the best Key Lime Pie. Their web site is Lucky for me they are 30 minutes away, but we've shipped them to many friends and family.

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    1. re: mbfergie

      $160 for three pies!!! That's some astoundingly expensive key-lime pie.

    2. Zingermans will ship out pies-- you can even get a three mini-pie sampler. They come in gorgeous wood boxes. I really like the apple (crust is made with lard-- yum) and the blueberry (which is out of season, I think). Friends have raved about the pecan pie as well. Check out the website at but be prepared for some sticker shock, the pies are pretty expensive.

      1. I can't attest to how well they travel but Achatz, in Armada, MI, makes great pies. The Michigan four-berry is wonderful. Check for shipping info.

        1. Betty's Pies in Two Harbors, MN:

          I have only this to say: num.

          1. Thank you for the ideas! And Zingermann's even I've heard of - thanks for reminding me!