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Oct 2, 2007 08:54 AM

Jewish deli in Austin?

Are there any Jewish delis in Austin? Like what you'd see in more urban cities. Is there a grocery store that stocks diverse Jewish food products (besides Manischewitz matzo and wine)?

Thanks in advance.

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  1. The Far West HEB has a Kosher Deli/Meat Market and a fairly diverse selection of kosher/jewish products. It was mentioned in a thread devoted to Reubens as having a quite good one if I remember correctly:

    Although it won't likely be Kosher or like an NYC deli, I have noticed a sign for a new deli (proclaiming to be NYC-style) that should open on Guadalupe sooner or later (it's in the spot formerly home to the re-sale shop Leopard Lounge across the street from the Blockbuster, just North of the Burger King). The sign calss it Bambinos but there is not sign yet about when it will open.

    1. The 2 places that I have tried are Katz's downtown and Manny Hattan's NY Deli in the Arboretum area. Neither are even close to any nighborhood deli in Brooklyn, but when I have not been home in a while they can satisfy a craving.

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        I've never had anything more than a medicore experience at Katz's, and most often the food has been just plain inedible. I try it about once a year, it seems, hoping to find that decent deli food can be had in downtown Austin. Instead, I invariably send my food back to the kitchen for another try, and wind up being served crap twice.