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Oct 2, 2007 07:55 AM


Looking for recommendation for best Ribs (Baby Back, St. Louis) in LV within a few
miles of the strip...... any comments about Memphis Championship Barbeque?

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  1. Battistas Hole in Wall has the best by far.

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      An Italian place has good ribs? I wouldn't even think that would be on the menu. I've never tried them so I can't comment but speculation would be that they would stink.

      I would go to TC's Rib Crib. It seems like there are a lot of Vegas BBQ threads active on this board at the moment. TC's always satisfies with great 'Q, larger portions, and friendly faces.

      I've been to Memphis Championship and I thought it was almost unedible. Dry ribs with very little sauce and no memorable side dishes.

    2. On my trip last month, I hit 3 BBQ places, and I thought TC's Rib Crib was the best of the bunch. But I had the beef ribs there, and the place is located about 6 miles west of the Strip, so I don't know if that's further than you want to drive.

      Memphis Championship is pretty good, but not great. A step up from a Tony Roma's, but not by too much. Not sure which location is closest to the Strip. I went to the Rainbow location, and I've driven by the one in Henderson.

      K's BBQ is on the Strip, but at the very far southern end of the Strip, next to the South Pointe casino/hotel. That's about 3-4 miles south of Mandalay Bay.

      tc's rib crib
      las vegas, nv, las vegas, nv

      1. TC's. Memphis really isn't very good despite the pedigree of its owner.

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          I've gotta put a vote in for Memphis BBQ's baby backs. I've eaten them no less than 30-40 times, and have never been disappointed. They are smoke-kissed pink, they kinda 'crumble' apart bone by bone, and the meat comes off with a gentle 'tug' when you bite them. Yes, Mike Mills is a MIM grand winner. I've had ribs at every other place in town; except for a new place called Buzz (I think) on Ann Road, in the NW. And Memphis beats Lucilles, TCs, K's, Dave's, Buckinghams every time... IMHO.

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            Has anybody been to K's BBQ? I've seen it mention a few times here and in the Weekly, but I haven't heard of nay feedback.

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              Here's a link to my review of my last trip, which included K's BBQ:


              I thought K's was pretty good, but not great. Pretty good beef brisket, pork spareribs were mixed as some pieces were really tender, others were a bit tough to chew. Huge portions, so you get your money's worth. No beef ribs or baby back ribs.

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                Thanks for the info. Which BBQ place was your favorite?
                My husband and I drove out to La Jolla a couple of months ago and I remember passing the Mad Greek. They are suppose to have great Gyros.

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                  I thought TC's Rib Crib was the best of the 3 places I visited.

            2. re: Vegas Vic

              Buzz ain't new. It's been there for a couple years now. I just created a "place" for it.

              Blah on Memphis. It's adequate, but just does not compare.

              I haven't made ribs in awhile, but I will save you a few the next time I do to get the taste of Memphis' out of your mouth. :-)

          2. Best ribs and Q in Las Vegas:

            Buzz BBQ
            7810 W. ANN Rd # 130
            LAS VEGAS, NV 89149

            (702) 294-BUZZ

            Take I-15 north to the Spaghetti Bowl, then Take Hwy 95 North toward Tonopah. Exit at Ann Road and go West/Left. It's about a mile down the road in a shopping center on the north.

            Run by two old black guys and a fat white guy from Oklahoma. Even has homemade ice cream and Italian ices.

            Pretty easy to find. It's not near the Strip, but beats the pants off of K's BBQ. It's the only restaurant out here that has ever produced barbecue better than I and my Kamados can produce...and I am a BBQ snob (was even on FoodTV for five seconds once when I competed).

            Memphis does not produce Championship Barbeque. Sorry, Mike, you've dumbed it down enough to inspire me to get into the restaurant business and drive you out of it.

            Buzz BBQ
            7810 W ANN Rd 130, LAS VEGAS, NV 89149

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              This one I will definitely check out, Thanks! I love BarbQue, and its close to my house to boot! Do you know the cross street with Ann??

              1. re: janetofreno

                It's between Durango and Hwy 95. Google Maps shows that it's .7 miles from the highway. It's in a strip mall near or next to Bugsy's. (?)

                By far, the best Q you can buy in Vegas. I haven't tried their pulled pork yet and can't say anything about their sauce...because their meat doesn't need any sauce. This is the only joint out here that I've ever considered better than my own Q.

                They also make their own gelato and ice cream.

                Unlike Memphis, Buzz BBQ's stuff IS good enough to be "competition" quality.

            2. I've eaten at the Memphis on Warm Springs a handful of times because coworkers insisted. Their sandwiches are fair, but I've never had decent ribs from them. Of the 3-4 times I've ordered the ribs, they've always lacked either in size, preparation, meatiness or some other aspect. Also, the sides aren't worth bothering with.

              Personally, I prefer the ribs at Lucilles - I order them dry and sauce them at the table. They've always been consistently meaty, perfectly cooked, and tasty.

              I believe K's is in the strip mall by Del Taco? Any additional feedback on them?