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Oct 2, 2007 07:44 AM

Cooking Lesson in Venice or Surrounding Areas?

Any sugguestions for an affordable cooking class in Venice or within an hour outside of the city?

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  1. Here's where I'm going in 2 weeks: , It's 30 miles north of Venice.

    1. check out She is a PBS cook and has a class in Oct with Gary Dank of San Francisco fame.

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        A Scuola in Cucina, Palazzo Morosini, Castello 6140, 30100 Venezia, 041-5228923
        From Oct-May, courses from 3 hours to 4 weeks. Fulvia Sesani, director.

        1. re: RomeAddict

          Is there a way to see the courses and/or register with A Scuola in Cucina online or must they be contacted by phone or FAX?

      2. check out i went in june. it was incredible!