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Inexpensive Seafood

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My parents are in town and we have had a great time eating out all over Boston. Since we have spent way too much so far on food we need a no frills, inexpensive good seafood place to just get some good old fashioned shellfish.

Any suggestions?

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  1. Hmmm, I guess the No Name would fit the bill, as would Belle Isle.

    1. If you have a car, attached to Captain Marden's Fish Market on Linden Street in Wellesley, they have a small, casual restaurant called The Captain's Takeaway, which has very reasonable prices.

      1. It doesn't get much more bare-bones than Morse Fish in the South End, across from the Cathedral on Washington Street. Mighty fresh fried seafood for cheap.

        1. Moulton's in Medford is basic, no-frills, and about the best value for seafood in the Boston area, IMO. The broiled scallops are outstanding, as are the fried sole and fried scallops. They have about 10 or 12 tables in the dining area, though a lot of people do takeout there instead.

          1. Dolphin seafood outside Harvard Square.

            1. yankee lobster in the seaport would also be a good choice.

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                Yankee lobster also has a free parking lot on the side. It is on Northern Ave just past the music pavilion.

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                  Yankee Lobster is my favorite inexpensive seafood restaurant right now.

              2. I am planning to check out some of the East Boston Peruvian seafood places. Chinatown has some great offerings as well. It depends upon what you are looking for.

                Sorry not to be more specific. A search of this board should provide current information.

                Lobster prices are decent, so if you have a place to cook, that can be a nice meal. Hook lobster is very good.