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Oct 2, 2007 07:16 AM

Birthday Cake Delivery around Silverlake?

Hi, I don't live in Los Angeles, and I would like to have a birthday cake delivered to my boyfriend for his birthday in about a month. He lives in Silverlake. Does anyone know of a bakery around that area that delivers cakes? I would need to be able to pay with a credit card, and it would be best to be able to commuicate with the bakery via their website/email since I am overseas. Any recommendations/links would be great. Thanks!

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  1. Lark cakes on Sunset is new they might.

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      I'd definitely pick Lark over the Alcove. Lark is a small, local bakery that makes all of their cakes on site; the Alcove gets their baked goods from Auntie Ems in Eagle Rock.


      You could also check out Delilah, which is close to Silver Lake. It's not my favorite bakery, but they do offer catering (which I assume means delivery).


    2. try alcovecafe.com, they might be able to arrange something.

      1. You can try the Rollin' Pin Bakery in Atwater (near Silverlake)... fantastic mocha or basic cakes!! They may or may not deliver but they're worth a try...(323) 317-9707