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Oct 2, 2007 06:46 AM

Good Eats In Buffalo?

Heading down later this month for the weekend. Where should I go for chow? Looking for some low to mid-level cost food of any origin. I've already been to the Anchor Bar many times, so you can skip them.

Thanks for your input.

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  1. Take a spin over to
    You can pick your cuisine or do it by locale. As a long term local, I think the reviews are generally accurate.
    I wouldn't recommend the Anchor Bar to anyone! Who wants a tourist trap?

    1. Here are a few places for you:
      Falafel Bar (—cheap and delicious Mediterranean
      Betty's Restaurant (—comfort food, with a vegetarian emphasis
      Lagniappes ( shoebox-sized Cajun joint in Allentown with good food…still working on their liquor license
      Brodo (—Bills itself as a soup and wine bar…the soups are great, good paninis, too
      Two dirt-cheap, delicious Italian places are Chefs ( and Santasiero's (
      )Fat Bob's Smokehouse (—bbq, chili, cornbread, good beers on tap…'nuff said
      K. Gallagher's (73 Allen St, 886-6676)—Irish pub with classic pub fare, Guinness on tap
      Pearl Street Grill & Brewery (—Brews all their own beers, which are tasty. Food's pretty good, too.
      If you make it to the north end of the city (Hertel area), you should also think about
      1) Romeo's Bakery & Juliet's Cafe (1292 Hertel Ave., 873-2600)—a little bakery/restaurant owned by a couple from northern Italy with authentic Italian food and wonderful baked goods
      2) Wellington Pub (—best Friday night fish fry in the city
      3) La Dolce Vita (—more expensive than any other restaurant I've named here, but excellent all the same

      I hope this helps out!

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        Just to piggyback on some of your suggestions, thatsaint13....Brodo, the Falafel Bar and Romeo's Bakery & Juliet's all have 2 locations. One downtown and one in Amherst. So depending on where you are, you can hit one of these in either location. The Romeo's Bakery & Juliet's on Sheridan in Amherst is really cute, as it the Brodo on Main in Amherst (Snyder, actually). I have yet to go to either Falafel Bar but the one in Amhersy (again, on Sheridan) JUST opened and I am dying to try it!

          1. re: thasaint13

            Im from this area, the saint really nailed it, good job!

          2. I'm from NYC but my boyfriend went to school in Buffalo. Far and away, Hutch's is the best of the bunch up there. We also enjoyed Papaya, Amaryllis, and the French place that's owned by the same people as Amaryllis (sorry, blanking.) Mother's is good too, though not our favorite.

            You won't break the bank at too many places in Buffalo, though my perception of "mid-level" might be skewed ...

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            1. I think that a lot of the restaurants mentioned are great, but many don't qualify as low to mid-level when it comes to cost, as Orange Whip requested.

              I think that Lagniappes is right on and so is Falafel Bar, Wellington and some of the other options mentioned. If you're looking for big portions of good food for little money, I'd also suggest Fast Food 99 on Bailey (killer Asian menu), El Palenque in Amherst on Eggert and Niagara Falls Boulevard, Campieri's 888 on Main, Cabaret on Pearl Street, Nick's Place on Amherst Street, Richie's Place on Elmwood Avenue and Amherst and Amy's Place on Main. You can also check out our site,, for other fun stuff to do and see during your visit.

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              1. re: ChristaSeychew

                If I'm not mistaken, Orange Whip was coming in October of 2007. Something tells me he's come and gone by March 2008, no?
                Not that Buffalo Rising isn't a good site to know about....

                1. re: houdini

                  Yes, but for anyone else who happens upon this site, this can still be helpful. I'd like to put my 2 cents in as far as authentic Italian American and reasonably priced - Santasiero's on Niagara Street. I've been going there for 30 years and it's just as good today as 30 years ago. Chef's is more expensive and, I think, overrated.

                2. re: ChristaSeychew

                  Hey Christa, I enjoy reading your stuff on BuffaloRising.

                  May I suggest, that if you are going to hang out here too, that you could fill out your profile under "MyChow"

                  BTW, your recipe for homemade Irish Cream was the same one I use, except it left out 4 whole eggs, which is necessary to get the right flavor and mouthfeel. :.)

                  1. re: jerryc123

                    Just tried BuffaloRising and the site is down.

                    Does anyone know if 'Lou's Pete's Market' in Niagra is still there?