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Oct 2, 2007 06:12 AM

Stainless vs enamel cooktop?

Anyone have any opinions or advice on either? Trying to decide between an all stainless stove or a stainless with enamel cooktop. Thanks

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  1. In my experience the less SS that is on the top of the stove/cooktop the better. While all that SS looks great new, if you really cook on your stove (as opposed to just having it for show...) you will eventually have some splatters and spills of hard to clean foods. With an enamel surface (particularly the slightly matte finish enamel) you can use a good household cleaner and a quick wipe to keep things looking pretty good. With SS every little blemish seems magnified and god forbid is some helpful soul tries to use a scrubbing and puts a crosshatch across the SS grain -- it'll always look screwed up...

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      I don't know anything about all stainless cooktops, however, I do have an enamel top stove, with the flat surface (electric). The glass/enamel can scratch fairly easily.


    2. Depends. As mentioned, SS, if you are obsessive/compulsive, is not a good choice as it is difficult to keep pristine regardless of the care you give it. I recommend enamel. On the other hand if appearance itself is not important, SS does not chip and you can scrub and abrade to your hearts content if you do not care about appearance. Or put differently, in a commercial kitchen I would opt for SS, at home, probably enamel.