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Oct 2, 2007 05:50 AM

NYC kosher restaurant delivery to non-kosher restaurant

Going to a business dinner at a midtown (east side) mexican restaurant. What kosher restaurants will deliver a wrapped meal to be heated up in the kitchen? Do they usually include a plate and utensils? How much is charged for this service?

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  1. Levana specializes in this - they even are able to match the cutlery/place-settings of some of the fine non-kosher restaurants in NYC. The service is pricey though - $100-200 (presumably you can write it off as a business expense?)

    1. abigaels does as well. I don't know what they charge but the best meal of this type I ever had was from them. they also did a remarkable job of matching the meal my non-kosher colleagues were eating.

      1. Le Marais is excellent at this as well.

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          My wife had to do the ordering for her and a few co workers and they got the food from Prime Grill and Abigaels. The prices ranged from about $100 - $140 but it came with a few courses and full table settings. Double wrapped with instructions as well.

        2. Another possibility is to go to your local kosher supermarket, like Brachs, Gourmet Glatt or Supersol here in the 5 towns, and buy a frozen meal, like Meal Mart. Don't know prices but I would venture around $20 tops. Does not weigh too much or take up much space in briefcase, just make sure to place it in a sealed food storage bag and keep it your freezer at work (if you have one) and bring it with you to meeting. Make all arrangements with restaurant before hand so everything runs smoothly. This will probably need to be done even if you get a wrapped meal from another restaurant.

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            King David and Mauzone will also do the same.

          2. The original comment has been removed