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Oct 2, 2007 05:47 AM

Great eateries in Pompano Beach?

Am a travelling Brit heading over to FL and specifically lodging for a week in Pompano Beach.

Taking the folks with me because they absolutely love America, specifically the microbreweries and theme parks (what a dream combination!)

Anyway I'm tasked with the enjoyable duty of hunting down some great places to eat. We're generally the downhome type, not bothered about anywhere too fancy - good wholesome food (by that I mean anything tasty, not grains and pulses!) is the way forward.

Anyone got any great recommendations for this area? Had a good scout round the board but didn't find anything specific to PB.

Thanks a million - great site!

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  1. For a real red sauce Italian, try Gianni's --I think it's on Atlantic Blvd
    There's also a Cafe Romantico for excellent Italian food in a very cosy atmosphere.
    If you want great breakfast or luch, try the Galley Grill--it's right next to the Lighthouse Point Marina (you can google it or try information)--hard to find but really nice atmosphere right on water. You can even feed the tarpon at the end of the marina.
    Great Cuban food (I think the best around) at Little Havana Too on Federal Highway.

    1. Well stormy there's a good deal to choose from in the area so here are some of my favorites (in no particular order)

      For seafood (and a non-touristy local joint) try Calypso in Pompano Beach (460 South Cypress Road 954-942-1633.) It's in an old strip mall near the laundromat but this is really good Caribbean seafood at moderate (for So Fla) prices. Great pepperpot soup and conch chowder as well (


      Another favorite in the non-touristy local joint category is Catfish Dewey's in Oakland Park (4003 N. Andrews Ave, 954-566-5333. Southern-style cooking (a rarity in So Fla) and of course great fried catfish (

      For breakfast, try Duffy's Diner (3305 N Federal Hwy at Cypress Creek Rd 954-782-1121) or the Red Fox Diner (3640 N Federal Hwy, Lighthouse Point 954-783-7714


      Go west to Rt 441 and a little south to find some of the best Thai food in the area at Bangkok Palace (4345 N. State Road 7, Lauderdale Lakes, 954-733-0069)

      If you want authentic Mexican, try Taqueria Dona Raquel (793 S. Dixie Highway West Pompano Beach 954-946-4490.) Search the board there's a lot written about this place.

      High-end for dinner - Sunfish Grill (2761 East Oakland Park Blvd 954-564-6464) Great seafood.

      Try searching the Florida board (above: Florida Search this board | Show topic options) using Pompano. There are a lot recommendations.

      1. Sticking to the Pompano Beach area, try Cap's Place Island Restaurant -- a taste of old Florida (supposedly Winston Churchill dined on Cap's food when he was staying in the area during WWII) -- a bit difficult to find, but its website has specific directions.

        I have to agree with the recommendation for Calypso -- very good seafood and Caribbean dishes; good selection of beers, too.

        Speaking of beers, try a little comparision dining with one of the better "pub grub" spots -- the Frog & Toad, on Powerline Road, south of Cypress Creek Rd. Food is much better ever since the old owners (Scots) sold out to the Brits. All the old favorites.

        A bit west of Pompano is a very good small Italian restaurant -- "Pasta And." Very imaginative pasta dishes by the owner-chef. On West Atlantic Blvd., just east of Banks Road.

        If you've a mind for Greek, try Christiana's on Atlantic Blvd, just east of Federal Hwy. Unpretentious but tasty dishes without the showbiz of some other Greek restaruants. Another owner-chef place.

        1. Have to disagree with "floridian" re: Cap's place...the best thing about it is it's historic building and the boat ride over there. The food is less than stellar.
          Agree wholeheartedly regarding Calypso for seafood (island style, friendly and casual atmosphere) and Gianni's for Italian (can be pricey depending on what you order, but food delicious and includes their house salad with balsamic vinegar and crumbled gorgonzola; just yummy).
          Would also add a few long time local, casual, inexpensive places: For decent chinese food try Peking Duck on Atlantic in Pompano; or for wings try Chez Porky's (bwteen dixie and cypress road), and down the street is Jack's Hamburgers and Celito Lindo's (for mexican). And for Indian try Cafe Madras on Powerline.
          More upscale (and much more expensive) is the Bragozzo at the track casino.

          You didn't say exactly what kind of food or ambiance you're looking for...that would help narrow down the choices.

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          1. re: JulieF

            If you ever try the Crab Cakes, you will not say no to Cap's Place.. They are Amazing.. I agree the chowder is not so great, but I enjoy the hearts of palm salad, and last time I was there I had a Wahoo special with a lemon caper sauce that was fantastic.

            Chez Porky's is IMO over-rated, but across the street is Wings and Things, and they have some pretty authentic old school wings.

            Catfish Dewey's is nice as well.

            Take Sushi On Atlantic Blvd is good if you like sushi. Very friendly with good, fresh fish.

            Bonefish Macs has pretty good food, and a lively atmosphere on Sample just east of Federal,

            If you are in the mood for Cheesteak. Spanky's Cheesteak Factory on State Road 7, just south of Atlantic is very good. If you want a little something different, the Rueben Philly is good.

            I've heard really good things about Guacho Rodizio Just north of Sample on Federal Highway, I've never been there, but everyone I've talked to about it has raved.

          2. Sorry ...just posted and thought of a couple more places in Pompano --
            for pizza (and good steamers -- that's steamed clams) go to Umberto's on Atlantic Blvd. south side just before the intracoastal; And also for grilled wings and salad (some like their charred pizza too) try Anthony's Coal Fired Pizza on Federal Hwy (Route 1).