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Oct 2, 2007 05:35 AM

wolf cooktop [Moved from General Topics board]

need advice: How do I get gerase ff my new sealed wolf black enamel cooktop?

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  1. The household cleaners with "citrus" seem to do well with grease on enamel, though some leave the SS a bit streaky.

    I am big fan of the dry powdered "Soilax/SoilMax" product sold in hardware stores. If is designed to be mixed with water and used to clean walls before painting. I typically mix some up and put it in a spray bottle. It leaves no residue. This is similar to the product called Dirtex, which comes from the company that makes the TriSodiumPhosphate substiute product, but that seems to have some ammonia in it and it does not keep well in the DIY spray bottle.

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      does this work on oven doors too ? mine has grease on it caked and refusing hard scrubbing to go. have you ever tried it on anything else ?

    2. The "magic erasers" seem to work great. No fumes.