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Oct 2, 2007 05:12 AM

Where to get Sumac in Minnesota? [Split from Home Cooking Board]

[Split from this thread on the Home Cooking board -


where do you guys actually get sumac. im having a hard time finding in in MN - even in bulk at coops. is it at some middle eastern store or ?

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  1. You can order it off Penzey's website - I would call and see if they have it here at one of the local stores before you go. Obviously if you find it at an ethnic shop, it will probably be much cheaper. Maybe try calling Holy Land in NE? It is the only middle eastern place I can come up with off the top of my head.

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      Thanks for the suggestions. I wasn't sure if it was some secret spice only available certain places or if I was just totally blind at the grocery stores =) (I tend to buy my spices in bulk @ rainbow or the wedge, and haven't seen it at either of those.)

      1. re: autmommy

        The co-ops did not carry sumac when I looked for it last spring. I ended up getting some at the Penzey's on Grand Ave in St. Paul -- they had it on hand.

      2. Caspian Bistro has sumac. I think Holy Land Deli (on Central) probably has it as well, but I'm not 100% sure about this.


        Caspian Bistro
        2418 University Ave SE, Minneapolis, MN 55414

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          Ah, Caspian! Too bad I'm not taking classes this semester.. Have you eaten there? I always think it looks so nice & fun, but haven't heard a peep about the food.

          Thanks for everyone's suggestions. I'll try there or Penzey's. Holy Land is just too hard to for me get to (except for at the global market, maybe I'll give that a go).. I *never* get up there.

          May I ask what all you put it on, too? I think it smells soo good. A friend used to put it on everything meat thing she ate, but what about just grilled veggies or whatever. Does it need anything to make it extra fabulous?.. maybe lemon juice or ?

          1. re: reannd

            I really like the Caspian's food. It's well worth a trip, even if you're not normally in the area. My favorites are the chicken with barberries, the ground-chicken kabobs, and the rice-crust appetizer (not always available, and very rich, so share with AT LEAST four people). Oh, and the lahmajoun (Persian pizza) - I had some for lunch yesterday!

            And the deli area has a great selection of exotic goods, like yogurt pop (doogh), Turkish apple tea, and Bulgarian jam. Not to mention Persian pastries and lemon-roasted pistachios. Yum!


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              >> Have you eaten there? I always think it looks so nice & fun, but haven't heard a peep about the food.

              I used to post about the Caspian Bistro all the time, but decided to ease up because I was getting so repetitive. Guess I should start up again! :-)

              Here are links some of those threads.





              1. re: AnneInMpls

                awesome, anne!

                btw- you guys are killing me! all these new restaurants to try & only so many days in the week (plus i love cooking).

                i'm definitely excited to try this. we ate 'kabobs' (the bloomington joint) last night.. and although the food was tasty, my husband wasn't all that impressed with the actual chicken kabob we ordered, which i thought was cool - a bright red reshmi kabob, but yes, probably not worth $8. (but he loved the $5 dahl and HUGE 1.25 naan). ordering the food was quite painful for me (online menu is not at all right, and i still can't tell you waht exactly they serve there, a friend called & ordered for me), so i may not go back (but its oh so close to our house).

                brining it back: your recommendation for chicken kabob's gives me hope there's something out there he'll enjoy..

                the reason i said ugh about not taking classes is that i'd park in front of that place every week for the last 4 years or so, and always thought i should go in -- never once did.. and now that i hear i should it's the one semester i'm not parking :)

                1. re: reannd

                  I bought some at Sinbad's on Nicolett some time ago. It was less than half the price of Penzey's. This was over 2 years ago.

                  1. re: zataar

                    sinbad's is closed. he went back to iraq to try to help his family & neighbors rebuild.

                    1. re: soupkitten


                      i liked it there. my husband always thought it was a little creepy, but i liked it. bummer.

                      1. re: reannd

                        correcting myself, i think-- just called their phone # and got a recording-- sounds like the deli is still open? although sami rasouli did leave for iraq. someone local should be able to confirm whether sinbad's is open for business or not. . .

                      2. re: soupkitten

                        Wow, That is too bad if Sinbad's is closed. My daughter loved Sinbad's when she was going to MCAD. :( She loved the spinach pies and all the little mezze type salads.

                        1. re: zataar

                          hey i checked-- sorry for the false alarm, sinbad's appears to be alive and well. :)

                          1. re: soupkitten

                            Very glad to hear that! We always loved Sinbad's.

                            1. re: zataar

                              so i went into sinbad's yesterday. it's a mess, but still open. they were OUT of sumac !! 'getting more sometime next week.. i use it a lot' said the guy that i always see making the food @ the buffet.

          2. I've usually seen it over at Bill's Imported Foods on Lake street- check the spice isle, and you should see it. ;o)