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Oct 2, 2007 05:12 AM

Birthday dinner with the girls -- Stanton Social, Bar Pitti or Il Bagatto

Going out with a group of 5 to celebrate a 27th birthday. Want to go somewhere fun where we can have a good time, be loud and not be rushed out. Narrowed the list down to these, would love to hear any preferences.

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  1. Stanton Social. The food is overrated (but still good)--the atmosphere is so much more enjoyable than bar pitti. And it depends on where you'd rather go out afterwards...the LES or the WV?

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      Il Bagatto will have you waiting for a table all night. That can certainly put a damper on a fun evening.

    2. I second Stanton Social -- good food for a group (tapas-style), I think the food is better than you would expect, great drinks, and the second floor has low couches/tables where you can eat, drink, and hang out. We went for my birthday (and later on, for my best friend's), and they definitely did not rush us out (even though I believe we split two glasses of champagne two different times). Plus, when you're done you're in a great area for bar-hopping.