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Oct 2, 2007 05:03 AM

Breakfast near Millenium Bostonian

My boyfriend and I are going to Boston this weekend and are in need of a recommendation for a place to eat Sunday breakfast before we catch our flight home. We are staying at the Millenium Bostonian and would like to eat somewhere close. Suggestions?

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  1. That's a tough location for breakfast chow on the weekends. I don't know when you're leaving, but Sel de la Terre is quite close, and does a great brunch starting at 11am.

    You're also a short walk from the North End, where (I believe) the North Street Grille does a weekend breakfast (I have not been myself).

    Another option is coffee and pastries from any of several worthy North End bakeries. My personal favorite is The Modern, with a special mention to Maria's for its sfogliatelle.

    I generally avoid the restaurants of Fanueil Hall like the plague, and know little about their weekend hours. One possibility (again, of which I have no personal experience) is Steve's in the food court. Its much-older Newbury Street sibling is a passable Greek-American restaurant that does diner-ish breakfasts.

    There are always hotel breakfasts. The closest one I can recommend from experience is at the Boston Harbor Hotel, about a ten minute walk from your hotel. The Intrigue Cafe has a weekend breakfast buffet that is expensive (~$25) and pretty standard in its offerings, not extraordinary. It does have lovely harbor views and a patio you can sit outside on if it's nice enough.

    If you have time for 15-minute walk, head over to Charles Street on Beacon Hill to the Beacon Hill Hotel and Bistro, which I think does a nicer breakfast and later on, brunch. You could also do the more-casual Paramount if you're all the way over there, but breakfast lines can be long on weekends.

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      I'm pretty sure The Kinsale across from the Govt. Center T stop serves brunch, not sure when they open. There's also a cafe in the North End. Is it Theo's Cozy Cafe or something like that?

    2. Can't disagree with MC Slim - First choice, North End. Second choice, Charles St., Beacon Hill.

      Will add, for coffee, stop in to the Red Barn Roasters in the historical Faneuil Hall right across from you - I think it opens by 8, certainly by 9, for a good cup of Joe.

      1. I think the Irish breakfast at The Green Dragon is pretty good, and it's really, really close to your hotel.

        Of course, you have to like Irish breakfasts. ( and white pudding...)

        1. Anthony's Cafe on Commercial St is a short walk from your hotel..5-10mins..straightforward breakfast, no fancy 5AM on Sunday.