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Oct 2, 2007 05:03 AM

Breakfast near Millenium Bostonian

My boyfriend and I are going to Boston this weekend and are in need of a recommendation for a place to eat Sunday breakfast before we catch our flight home. We are staying at the Millenium Bostonian and would like to eat somewhere close. Suggestions?

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  1. That's a tough location for breakfast chow on the weekends. I don't know when you're leaving, but Sel de la Terre is quite close, and does a great brunch starting at 11am.

    You're also a short walk from the North End, where (I believe) the North Street Grille does a weekend breakfast (I have not been myself).

    Another option is coffee and pastries from any of several worthy North End bakeries. My personal favorite is The Modern, with a special mention to Maria's for its sfogliatelle.

    I generally avoid the restaurants of Fanueil Hall like the plague, and know little about their weekend hours. One possibility (again, of which I have no personal experience) is Steve's in the food court. Its much-older Newbury Street sibling is a passable Greek-American restaurant that does diner-ish breakfasts.

    There are always hotel breakfasts. The closest one I can recommend from experience is at the Boston Harbor Hotel, about a ten minute walk from your hotel. The Intrigue Cafe has a weekend breakfast buffet that is expensive (~$25) and pretty standard in its offerings, not extraordinary. It does have lovely harbor views and a patio you can sit outside on if it's nice enough.

    If you have time for 15-minute walk, head over to Charles Street on Beacon Hill to the Beacon Hill Hotel and Bistro, which I think does a nicer breakfast and later on, brunch. You could also do the more-casual Paramount if you're all the way over there, but breakfast lines can be long on weekends.

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      I'm pretty sure The Kinsale across from the Govt. Center T stop serves brunch, not sure when they open. There's also a cafe in the North End. Is it Theo's Cozy Cafe or something like that?

    2. Can't disagree with MC Slim - First choice, North End. Second choice, Charles St., Beacon Hill.

      Will add, for coffee, stop in to the Red Barn Roasters in the historical Faneuil Hall right across from you - I think it opens by 8, certainly by 9, for a good cup of Joe.

      1. I think the Irish breakfast at The Green Dragon is pretty good, and it's really, really close to your hotel.

        Of course, you have to like Irish breakfasts. (Mmmm...black and white pudding...)

        1. Anthony's Cafe on Commercial St is a short walk from your hotel..5-10mins..straightforward breakfast, no fancy brunch..open 5AM on Sunday.