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Oct 2, 2007 05:01 AM

10 year wedding anniversary

My husband and I are celebrating our 10 year wedding anniversary this weekend. Any suggestions on where to go? I like most anything - my husband is a little fussier (not into Asian) and we live in Fairfax near GMU but have no problems going into DC for a truly good restaurant. I am just not into having another Morton's/Palm/Capital Grille meal.
Some suggestions we have received so far have been Maestro at the Ritz in Tysons and Le Mistral in McLean.

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  1. Maestro is closed for a coupe more months until they replace Fabio Trabochi, who was thier chef. He left for a restaurant in NYC and took most of is staff with him.
    I'd recommend the tasting room at Eve in Old Town Alexandria. The food is amazing and the overall experience ver worthy of such a special celebration. Do let them know you are celebrating.
    Also recommended is 2941 in Falls Church.

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      Well, 2941 will probably do just fine with an interim chef, but the Executive Chef and Chef de Cuisine will be leaving after Sunday.
      So, I'm throwing my lot in for Eve.

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          Yep- he's founding his own place in Tyson's.

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            Trust me, it will be better. Jonathan apparently snuck off with Tracy of Willow and learned how to cook frou-frou spa food for old ladies. Tysons is a terrible place to start a restaurant right now. There aren't any sane people who will brave that traffic for the next 3-5 years.

            The Boulud crew coming to 2941 will be an absolute treat for the northern Virginia food scene. Keep an eye on 2941, its' going to be outstanding.

      1. Le Mistral is a perfectly pleasant dining experience with some dishes that are really special, but I'd hardly put it in the same category as every other restaurant you've listed.

        I just used Open Table to see what's available for two at 7:30 (plus or minus two hours) this Saturday. Based on availability, below are some you'll want to consider for your celebration. The names on the list range from higher end places (Charlie Palmer Steak and 2941) to lovely, mid-range places (DC Coast).

        Charlie Palmer Steak
        DC Coast
        Taberna del Alabardero
        The Oval Room

        Asia Nora is available with a wonderfully romantic atmosphere and excellent food. It's more fusion than Asian cuisine, but you'd want to have your husband check the menu online.

        Incidentally, calling a restaurant directly often turns up additional availability. Restaurants cannot let all their reservations be consumed by online Open Table users.

        1. We've had our anniversary dinner for the past 3 years at Eve. Wouldn't think of going anyplace else. In fact, we just had our tenth this weekend. It was a tough call between the roast boar and the sweetbreads, but you know you could order the phone book and they'd cook it to order and make it taste delicious.

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            Agreed, tasting room at Restaurant Eve- there's simply no place better for an anniversary.

            1. We went to the Inn at Little Washington for our 10th, along with a room for the evening. Very nice.

              We're now at 18 years and going through a divorce, but I doubt that had anything to do with The Inn.....