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When in doubt......after a long day....favorite local restaurants you can rely on

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Every neighborhood has them. Neighborhood restaurants with good food, often great food. Restaurants that are unknown, unless you live nearby - but which are the perfect end to a long day or week.

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  1. Mine would be Swagat, Turkuaz and Symposium on the UWS.
    Ariana, El Centro and Roberto Passon in HK.
    Westville, Café Condesa, Cornelia Street Café, Bianca and Red Bamboo in the West Village.
    I don't have dinner in the EV/LES too often, but when I do, it's usually at Café Mogador or Soy.

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    1. Oriental Grill (OG) on 6th between A and B serves up tasty and imaginative Asian fusion dishes. They serve a wonderful roast duck with mango puree, delicious mushroom dumplings, a spicy calamari salad. They usually have a reliable supply of specials as well.

      I've always enjoyed their wine selection. The service is impeccable, most of the staff has been there a while and they have great instincts for customer service.

      Considering the long lines at other nearby places like ... Sidewalk (?!) , OG is always a refreshing reminder of what a good restaurant should be.

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        This place is so comfortable... we can always get a seat, even on Friday night at 8pm. Love it.

      2. Mine would be Blue Ribbon and Blue Ribbon Bakery; and Raoul's.

        1. I live in the East Village, and after a long day, we often slip into Grand Sichuan on St Marks. There's rarely a wait, and those soup dumplings really hit the spot. I wouldn't say that it's unknown, but I'm surprised it's not busier.

          1. Despite the knocks its received on this board recently. I love having a hearty plate of pasta and a couple glasses of wine at the [very] small, but very friendly bar at Po.

            1. Not exactly unknown, but Pala (EV/LES) for it's pizza and really fantastic service, barrio chino for BRUNCH (I wouldn't be caught dead there otherwise), and I can't figure out for the life of me why it's not busier---Casani's at broome and ludlow. I love that I walk in there anytime it's open and get a great little bistro meal. Friendly service, great for brunch, and some decent steak tartare.

              1. Hands down, Valdino West in the WV for amazing pasta, brodetto (seafood stew), and pork milanese. So cozy and comforting on a chilly night.

                Also Tavern on Jane for bison burgers. Also love their seared tuna club, great wings and really good soups.

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                1. Pearl Oyster Bar for it's consistency (despite its long wait, unless you go after 9 during the week), Cornelia Street Cafe, Extra Virgin, where the excellent cocktails make the wait go by quickly.

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                    Our favorite "let's-run-across-the-street-for-some-Italian-I-don't-feel-like-cooking" place is La Fenice bet. 68 & 69 & Broadway.
                    The diner is a few doors down and is open 24/7, including delivery.
                    For Asian it's Shun Lee W all the way at 65th.

                  2. In Soho, I love Mezzogiorno on Spring and Sullivan for a delicious plate of homemade pasta, Lucky Strike for Steak Frites, Palachinka on Grand for a good sandwich or salad, and Pardo on 7th Ave. for roasted chicken and yacquitas.

                    Mooncakes used to be a stand-by, but the quality and consistency of the food has nosedived in recent months.

                    1. York Grille on the UES, always good.

                      1. El Charro Espanol at 4 Charles Street (Greenwich Ave) or Gascogne 8th Ave @18th Street have been my go-to places for more years than I care to remember! Always a comfy vibe, delicious food, professional service, reasonable prices.

                        My all-time faves!

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                          I am beginning to get a soft spot for the veal chop at Tre Dici at 128 W 26th. I can't quite put my finger on why I like the place, but I just feel comfortable there, like you should at a good local.