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Oct 2, 2007 12:01 AM

Providence question?

providence question....we are having chef's tasting menu/chef's table at providence soon for birthday. non of us has ever been there so we are looking forward to the meal.
all of us are very much into wine and thinking of take few great bottles. two of the 4 bottles that i am taking is perfect with the seafood (96' dom and 04' aubert chard) but i would like to also take very special red. 1959 bordeaux and screaming eagle.
big question it a bad idea to take 59' bordx and 03' screaming eagle? non of us ever had a screaming eagle and thought it was as good as any occasion to open one. the restaurant did tell me that if i was bringing large red such as eagle...they would make sure that chef will prepare some meat dish as well...
what do you guys think? take it and enjoy the bottle or would the bottle over power other dishes?
thanks in advance!

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  1. Screaming Eagle will overpower anything, including chargrilled muskrat. But Providence usually does have at least one steak and one duck dish on the menu, and if they're cooking to the wine you should be fine.

    1. My suggestion is to take the bottles and ask the very good sommalier. You don't HAVE to open them, and he can tell you if they would work or reccommend a glass of what would if your bottles are too powerful.

      1. The '59 might be fine. Although we had little red meat, one lamb course, I would think the chef could compose another dish based on your great bottle. I would call and ask for Drew (wine director). He will be able to assist. The '96 Dom is an infant but will work. Aubert is perfect. Agree that Screagle is too big. Burgundy is the magic word when pairing at Providence. You might also bring/purchase a sticky. There is usually a fois gras course and a 3 course dessert.

        Have a great time. You're in for a treat.

        1. I would opt for a lighter red, since most of Providence's dishes are seafood (though there is an occasional sneaking in of land meats for which your wines will work). But second the others' suggestions to bring the bottle anyways and ask for the sommelier's opinion--you don't have to open ti that night.

          Regardless, enjoy the chef's tasting menu - and report back! :)


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            The Chef's tasting menu will AT LEAST have some form of pork, maybe even a small bit of wagyu beef

          2. save the screaming eagle for another night